Why is Muharram Celebrated?

/Why is Muharram Celebrated?
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This is not really a celebration in the terms of celebration. Why is Muharram celebrated in Islam requires an understanding of history and the imminence of this particular event. Muharram is one of the months of the Muslim calendar. The first month of the Islamic calendar.


The Story of Hazrat Hussain

Hazrat Hussain is the son of Hazrat Ali and Hazrat Fatima. Fatima is the daughter of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) and Ali is the cousin of the Prophet. Hussain is the smaller son and Hassan is the elder son.

This particular event occurs after the demise of the Prophet. There is a dispute of the realm of Islam. The kingdom of Islam was in choas. Yazid was anticipating being the Caliph and is requesting Hussain to give pledge.

Now Hussain knows that the beauty of life revolves around truth. Imagine one of the greatest men on Earth who is also the grandson the Prophet. One of the most revered and respected man that this world has ever seen.

Hussain is not only a man but a source of piety, love, understanding and reverence. He has been taught by Ali and the Prophet. His sagacity is known. He realizes that truth prevails. Prostrate to wrong. He knows the value of his religion.

There is a story of all stories that Hussain came to the area of Karbala. And there the forces overtook him and his family. And several days of fighting. But a fighting in which the forces stopped food and drinks.

The objective is not to provide details of the event. There are many Islamic books that translate and update the world on the brutal and savage acts of the enemies.

We will talk about the beauty of the event and its importance in Islam.


Core Values of Islam Remains Alive

The massacre of a family testifies to the outstanding principle of the Prophet. The grandson does not prostrate to falsehood. And for that we can sacrifice our lives for the cause of truth. This is the greatest sacrifice of Islam. A man sacrifices his family but does not prostrate in pain or in pressure.

Today the world remembers him in respect.

Muharram is to really accept, appreciate and value his life. He is a testimony of faith.

Lessons of life can be learnt from Hussain. He teaches that you cannot surrender and let go of the most important aspects irrespective of the outcomes. The most significance is the message. The message that resonates even today.


How Muslims Celebrate

Here the Muslims are not united. Certain segments regard this is the saddest part and take it to heart. Others self claim this is a victory and enjoys this as the jewel of Islam. Both are not wrong. Feelings come out. Hussain and his story is the story of Islam. You will fall in love with him once you read the story.

There is a beautiful saying of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) – ” I am from Hussain and Hussain is from me”. This is a very unique and interesting philosophy. It is the realm of Islam and shows the beauty of Islam. Hussain belongs to Muhammad and Muhammad belongs to Hussain. It is a very powerful notion.

Mostly the Shia community take it as a part of their religion. The sunni have a lesser decree in terms of the activities. In many places, there are processions and activities held.

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