White Man Converts to Islam

/White Man Converts to Islam
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One of the most beautiful stories of a white male converting to Islam. Islam is a majestic religion of love, passion and beauty. I have been travelling to Mecca and Medinah as a coordinator for the Umrah Travel Tours.

White Men converts to Islam for many reasons. I meet them during the Umrah seasons. This time this particular person stuns me. I meet up with him and become in awed and inspired with his experience and his conversion reason. It is indeed the ultimate white male converts to Islam story of all times.

Alex was abused as a child and went from one foster home to another. He is a big bone boy with beautiful blue eyes and brownish blonde hair. He loves football and aspires to become a football player. Never has many friends. Keeps a low profile.


Growing Up Life

At the age of 15, he goes to a boxing gym and start enjoying boxing. After he keeps going there for 3 months he gets beat up by the local boys in the area for not giving them pocket money. He realizes that mental and physical health is key to life. Individuals like him are caught by gangs. He looks for a gang and joins them. Learning art of using the knife becomes his passion and works on also learning the stick fighting.

After a year with the gang, he started working on abusive gang fights and fought for different areas. Drug trafficking is common on streets, parks and even certain communities. Police are adamantly working to trap the gangs and these gangs are working closely to trap the gangs.

Alex was working the clock and making decent money. He likes the style, women and the buzz associated with the life style. Drug mafia are rich people with extensive amounts of money available. Alex was living the dream.

Eventually things do catch up and Alex got caught. He was sent to the prison and spent 5 years in prison. 5 years of his life was taken.


The Conversion to Islam Begins

In prison, he met a decent man who stressed the importance of education. Alex never liked the education and with money coming in, there is no need for education. He started reading books and now Alex is an avid book reader. Books create impact and value.

After getting out of the jail, he realizes the value of education and starts his law degree. He prepares for the exam degree. But his old gang family comes back and again takes him back to the drug areas. He does resist and they beat up Alex.

Alex only knows them as the only family. And they are close to Alex and gave him the ways of life. He knows of no other way of life. There is a concern for them that is real and growing.

Life is all about the quandaries and variances of life. There is an immediate cause and effect principle that comes into play. He goes back to the world of drugs but remains in contacts with books and the beauty of reading. One of the books he reads is about Muhammad. Muhammad is the Prophet of Islam. Alex is mesmerized.

He realizes that the teachings of Islam and Muslims by Non Muslims are wrong. He is now in search of answers. In his Detroit area, it is not possible to find the people of his choosing who can guide and assist him. This is not possible. He does ask around but the questions are not deep and conclusive.

The journey of drifting away from Islam. He wishes he had a father who was a Muslim and could have helped him and teach him the true lessons of life in Islam.


Cementing the Conversion to Islam

Another sad episode occurs on the streets of Detroit. During a gang fight one of his good friends die. This is the first time he realizes the value of life and how a minute is all it takes to kill and end a beautiful life. This is life. And it was not the life he now wants. He realizes it. That was the turning point.

Life is a gift and a rare one. One cannot keep going on a path of destruction. The option that he realizes is to go to an Islamic country and see how life and values are created. He ends up in Egypt. He stays there for 3 years and understands Arabic and the dialect. Egypt keeps on igniting the values of Islam and he eventually turns into a Muslim.

Conversion took place through a milk man who is an astute Muslim and caters for Alex. Alex starts working with him and sees that he does only good and takes care of orphans and his widowed sisters. Concept of life as a relationship and how Islam stems from relationships fascinates him.



Islam is a beautiful religion. Even if you do not see it in practice, then read the books and evaluate the priority.

Islam is faith. That faiths stems from family.

Religion needs to guide to a solemn commitment of life and after life.

One has to go beyond the daily affairs to understand Islam.


Meeting Alex and learning about his story places me in tears. How can a man who was one a drug smuggler and worked for so many years in a gang now open up a mosque in that same area and now congregates the prayers. He is in love with Hazrat Abu Bakr and changed his name to the same. Now he wants to have his kids and enjoy Umrah with his kids as well.

He values his life and works on converting many others. A white man converts to Islam through his own faith and push from the community.

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