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/What do Muslims believe about Marriage
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Marriage in its entire state is a beautiful and commendable relationship that all religions believe in. In fact, all the religions appreciate and value religion. The question arises – What do Muslims believe about Marriage? What is the Islamic philosophy behind marriages in Islam. This is a detailed perspective of how Muslims and Islam view marriage.


Islamic Principle of “Nikah”

Family is a very important concept within Islam. Islam encourages people to create communities of bonds. Islam recommends that love follows marriage. Marriage in Islam is called “Nikah”. Both parties sign the covenant of bond. The signing happens among family and friends. Currently Nikah is a legalized format and documented in the offices of countries so that marriage is legalized. What do Muslims believe about marriage is an important perspective of Islam.

All over the world Nikah is the way Muslims get married. It is simply a one-day ritual where the female and male come together and attest their faith and sign a document. This is in presence of family. Typically, the religious scholar performs the marriage ceremony.

The Nikah requires that the bride groom offers a feast to family and friends in this occasion. there is no requirement of the female to give any amount. the only festival is from the male side.


Can Muslims marry outside of their race and creed?

Yes, all Muslims can choose any Muslim of their liking. She or he does not have to be from the same country, race or creed. In fact, as long as she is a Muslim and he is a Muslim they are legally allowed under the banner of Islam to move the relationship into Nikah stage. Every day you hear about Muslim convert stories.


Can you marry someone who is not a Muslim?

Yes, the Islamic law states that as long as the female is from the books of god, a male Muslim can take her hand in marriage. Any woman who has does not follow a religion cannot be allowed under the fold of Islamic marriage.

the second part is that this is only applicable to the male of choosing a female from another religion. A Muslim girl cannot marry anyone except a Muslim man. She cannot marry a man who is Christian or Jew.

You will find many sensational halal love stories in many countries of the world. Many Muslims meet up and decide to get married. This is a beautiful pillar of Islam.


Polygamy Among Muslims

Islam is the only religion that allows for multiple wives. The western school of thought wonders how this is applicable and how it works. basically, the concept that the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) gave was of helping and caring for others. Many of times he married to support women which is a very noble cause. What do Muslims believe about Marriage revolves around how the Prophet had a marriage life.

Islam also realizes the temperament of man and has provided him with the permission of marriage of 4 women at one given time. There are certain laws that bind the relationships. Fairness in dealing with all the ones is of essence.

Only males are allowed to marry multiple women at the same time. Not applicable for women.


Age of Consent Issues

This is a variance in terms of the Islamic laws. In fact, one has to work under the laws of countries. It can be that you are a Muslim and wanting to marry in USA or Canada. There you have to be at least 18 years of age for consenting to marriage. And in Saudi Arabia it is different. the age of consent lies with the government of the countries you want to marry in.


Muslim Men and Women Rights

  • There is no obligation on women to take care of the financials of the house. It is the duty of the man.
  • The wife has to be compensated for the milk and upbringing of children. If she asks for a sum of money, it is permissible.
  • There is no obligation of the wife to take care of the man extended family. It is the duty of the man only. Though cultures set aside this perspective differently.
  • Man has to feed and clothe the wife and ensure her rights and requirements are met.
  • Man has to protect and be caring towards his wife and forgive her for any minor issues.
  • Woman has to be protecting the house and kids from harm when the man is out working.

These are some of the core rights of women and men in an Islamic marriage.


Courtship Among Believers

The Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) has clearly stated on many events that both individuals should meet and be assured and at peace prior to getting marriage. This revolves around the intentions. If the intention of a man is to marry a woman and he goes to her house with his family and meets this is not bad. In fact, his intent is to marry and is seeking good proposal.

Likewise, a woman can also meet and see a person prior to acceptance. A woman can reject a marriage proposal and there is no binding. Hence, Islam has given permission of seeing and evaluating.

This is different than dating and courtship. Islamic perspective is the meeting or meetings. And this can be arranged through family and permissible family values.


Marriage “Mahr” Concept

After the Nikah is completed, the husband has to provide “mahr” to the female. The mahr is an amount or gift to her. It is permissible to give her that day or after marriage. It is more of a gift. On some accounts it can be valued as a security money in case things do not work out. For the most part it is a decent gift from the male to the female.


Muslim Divorce

Divorce is the only legal Islamic binding that is Allah does not like. This is the beauty of Islam. Islam permits that people and communities work together to get a marriage back together. In Islam there is a time for reconciliation. Islam commands people and friends to work together to make bondage between the fighting party. In fact, if a man wants to divorce a woman he has to state that he wants to divorce her three times on three different occasions. The reason is to give man time to think. he might be in anger and anger is not justification of divorce.

Islam also gives the rights of divorce. Similar laws will apply.



Like other religions, Islam has a very beautiful concept of Islamic marriage. Please do share your comments and inputs.

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