10 Super Useful Tips for Performing Umrah with Kids

/10 Super Useful Tips for Performing Umrah with Kids
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Are you planning Umrah with kids? Umrah is the ultimate goal and recognition for Muslims around the world. One great gift parents give to kids is the love of Islam and the feelings to perform Umrah. Many contemplate over taking their kids to Umrah. Some are reluctant and some make the bold decision. However, here we have  given a detailed account of the tips and recommendations for parents who have decided to go to Umrah with their kids.


Ultimate Children’s Guide to Umrah

Families separate during your activities at Masjid An Nabawi and Masjid Al Haram. Families typically do not want to take kids due to the separation and it is difficult for women to perform duties and also take care of the kids. If you follow the below stated tips, Inshallah, your decision for taking kids on Umrah will be the most blissful and rewarding. Many of Muslims actually enjoy performing the Islamic ritual during Ramadan to have multiple benefits with their families. You can not only enjoy the prayers but also the fastings.

Do realize that the locals often bring their kids to the Umrah. So, this is a very common trait. But if you are travelling from another country, we do recommend that you book the best and high class travel experience for your family. Kids will need the extra care and the hotels do provide the extra benefits like swimming pools and food quality.


Umrah with Toddler ( 1 year old or 2 or 3 Year Old) Tips

How to do Umrah with an Infant? Umrah with toddler or any Umrah with a 1 year old, 2 year old or 3 year old follow a different policy and care taking for parents. Kids that are older require less care and attention. Umrah with a 2 year old requires parents to be ready for the daily affairs during performing Umrah.

These young kids cannot be taught anything about Umrah. All you can do is concentrate on them and create their ease.

  • Keep a packing bag to have them connected to you. These bags allow you to carry the kids.
  • Do not allow the female to carry the infants.
  • Ensure that the kids are properly pampered.
  • Ensure that the kids have taken their feeds and are fresh in terms of sleep.


Umrah with Kids Tips

  • Kids need to know why they are going. This is not the typical family resort or the family vacation trip. There is a purpose and recognition of faith in this travel. First tip is for kids to know the reason and objective. This needs to be clearly understood. They need to know that there will be much travel, prayers, supplications and other activities. We recommend that you educate your kids on certain supplications that they should be reciting at their age. Their are specific duas during Umrah that kids can easily recite.


  • You are entering one of the most crowded areas and events known to mankind. Hence in such crowded places it is essential to always keep a vigilant eye on your kids. hold hands or even have a rope to ensure that you do not misplace kids. It is tragic when you lose your kid or kids. In such a crowded area, it is difficult and almost impossible. Children get hurt this way. The most important part is to educate them also of the awareness of being close to parents.


  • Food and water is not readily available. Hence it is critical to have bag with different food items and water.


  • Vaccinate children prior to travel. We even recommend this for adults as well. Vaccinate Infants, children, and even adults for meningitis ACWY135. Children belonging to the age group of 2-15 years need to have meningitis and polio vaccinations, while children below and above 3 months, need ‘A’ vaccine, with two shots taken at a gap of 3 months. Also get H1N1 vaccination. Do not consider this something that can be avoided. In fact, doctors recommend taking these vaccination shots few weeks and even months in advance. This is in case the kids get fever or any side reactions. Last thing you want is that kids go sick while performing Umrah.


  • Keep a particular note on the dressing. Many families that live in the United States keep on wearing the western clothing in this area. This is not recommended. You should always wear clothing of that particular regions. If you have a daughter we recommend that you educate them to wear hijaab. Kids above 6 years old should also wear Ihram.


  • We recommend refraining from bringing toys to the mosque. Specially action figures and dolls. However if you have infants then bring something that they at least keep busy with. Do not bring mobile phones or other electronic gadgets  that kids have. Loosing toys is a common activity. Toys on the floor hurts people performing Umrah.


  • Wheelchairs are available for rent, and these can be used for seating children. Strollers are not allowed inside the mosques.


  • You can arrange many wonderful activities during Umrah. In fact, there are many site seeing places and your entire family can enjoy these activities.


  • Kids do not have the energy power specially in crowded areas so make rest and keep them under active level. they can easily dehydrate.


  • Kids often loose their shoes. Here you need to carry them in a sack or keep them in a bag. We have seen many parents frustrated over the lost shoes.


Do realize that as parents you have a particular obligation. You are Muslim parents. And the real objective is to treat your kids with kindness and educate them. Hence, an Umrah experience will be one of the most memorable experiences of their lives. Always move forward to giving this unique experience to kids.

Even under stressful conditions, an umrah with children is worth the sacrifice.

Umrah with

10 Super Useful Tips for Performing Umrah with Kids
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