Umrah on WheelChair: Best Travel Advise

/Umrah on WheelChair: Best Travel Advise
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Thousands of people across the world tend to perform Umrah on wheelchair or assist people who are on a wheelchair. Umrah wheelchair travel is something is easily manageable. Sharing with you top expert travel advise on performing Umrah on wheelchair.

The first thing to note is the beauty of Islam. There is no compulsion for any disabled or handicapped person performing any type of pilgrimage. However the desire of every Muslim is that they want to visit Saudi Arabia for Hajj or Umrah. Any Islamic pilgrimage is a sacred and most revered travel experience. It tends to change the very inner and outer fabric. Life changes for many that perform Umrah. After Umrah feeling is different for everywhere. It is a unique experience for every Muslim.

The Muslim world recognises the fact that there are many people because of old age or certain disabilities that want to perform on a wheelchair. Saudi Arabian government has offices located on the east and west side to facilitate and provide wheelchair access. Basic wheelchair services are free however there is a wait and the quality of the wheelchairs are not always up to the mark.

People facing continuous issues while performing umrah with their loved ones who need a wheelchair, travel companies are coming up with travel solutions. Travel agencies cater to these new changes in the travel policy as well as in the services.


Books specific Umrah wheelchair Services during Umrah application

Many of the travel agents and tour guides now offer premium umrah services. A part of these services, travels book wheelchairs in advance. The best part of the booking is that the service begins at the start of the journey. Wheelchairs are provided from your door steps to the airports and then to the main hotels of stay.

One mistake many travels do is that they request the hotel staff for wheelchairs on arrival. Big mistake. This decreases the charges of availability and the assurance of getting a good quality wheelchair. With prior bookings, it is the job of the travel service provider to ensure proper and quality wheelchairs at every touch point.

With prior bookings, the hotels are aware of the wheelchair requirements and have it ready on arrival. that wheelchair can be used to perform Umrah and move from one place to another.


Entering to certain gates and easier access to disabled bathrooms

There is construction going on in the house of Allah. However there are certain gates that have easier access for people to enter that are coming in for the intent of Umrah.

We highly recommend that you actually go towards those doors that are closer to the bathrooms that have disabled facilities. It is not only performing umrah that is actually important however you also need to take into account the other requirements of a person who is performing umrah on a wheelchair. Umrah for Women on a wheelchair is a bit different for men since you will need to take care of their timings. Certain areas are restricted and you need to be aware of the scenarios.


Different Levels and Areas of Performing Umrah

The house of Allah has different level of performing the Tawaaf. It is not recommended to go close to Kaaba on wheelchair. In fact take the other route and levels and go to the higher levels. Fit people do not perform Umrah in the outer circles. Hence lesser people. The only challenge is more time and energy to do the larger radius Tawaafs. Umrah on wheelchair is easier though on different levels with the smooth surfaces and lesser number of people. You will find more people performing umrah on wheelchairs in these higher areas anyways.


Electrical Wheel Chair versus Manual Wheel Chair

This question often arises. There are benefits to both. Due to the high influx of people using wheelchairs, the probability of the electrical ones getting more out-of-order is higher and becomes a nuisance for many during performing Umrah. It has easier access and features.

Our recommendation is that majority of the people performing Umrah on wheelchair will always need a companion to push them so why go through the hassle of electric and keep on shouting and requesting people to move out-of-the-way.

Electrical wheelchair for Hajj is also booked via the same logic and business policy.


Charges of Assistance

Basic wheelchair availability is free. Many private and other government offices provide the services of people to push the wheelchairs for you. The charges vary. Again we recommend getting all of these services booked in advanced to mitigate the hassle and worry.



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