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We are a complete one stop shop for Umrah Visa Requirements. Our company issues Umrah visas directly. Largest network of travel agents and tour operators.  Exclusive benefits of being top ranking hajj and umrah tour operator. Hence, utilize us and feel at ease.

Our travel team abides by the policies of issuing visa for individuals, families and groups. We collect all documents and validate all requirement prior to issuing visa. Providing correct details earlier on speeds up visa process.

Visa requirement is the key to issuing visa. Our visa specialists are available around the clock providing answers to your queries. Objective is to assist you in your travel needs. Umrah visa understanding is essential. Travelers need to know the visa requirements. Below we break down the requirements step by step for your ease and understanding.


Umrah Visas from Pakistan Details

The below section are the most important rules to obtain a clear Umrah Visa from Pakistan.

  1. You can request for Umrah Visa from any city within Pakistan. Ensure you apply via an authorized and registered Umrah travel agent from any city of Pakistan.
  2. Umrah Visa is time bound. It is standard practice to give a certain days allocation for Umrah from Pakistan. Umrah Visa is of certain days. Travelers to come back prior to date of expiry of Visa.
  3. Umrah Visa is only for Umrah. Travelers cannot use it for Business or work permit visa.
  4. Umrah Visa is not a work visa by any means. Getting caught working under Umrah visa is a serious offense. Deportation, jail and even fines can be given by the court.
  5. Umrah Visa is not as a residence visa. Umrah Visa has limit validity. Travelers to come back earlier than the last date of travel.
  6. The applicant has to have a passport with a validity of at least 6 months prior to the departure date.
  7. The passport has to have at least two empty visa pages for further processing.
  8. The photograph for the visa application is a standard photograph with a proper white background. Person facing front and looking into the camera. This is the photograph requirement.
  9. If any woman is travelling with her Mahram, the legality of the marriage or relationship needs to be attested for. This is to oblige the requirements of Saudi Arabia. For marriage, a notarized marriage certificate will suffice. All women below age 45 have to travel with a mahram.
  10. Ensure all the paper work is complete with your travel agent.
  11. If you are traveling with family members ensure the names, dates and details are correct while filing the forms.
  12. Are you traveling with kids? Fill out all the relevant details of kids performing Umrah with you.
  13. Any woman who is above 45 years old can also perform Umrah with the legal consent of her husband or son. Traveling women under age 45 to have this particular form signed and with them during travel.
  14. A round trip ticket has to attached for approval of an Umrah package.
  15. Saudi Arabia can inspect the medical records upon demand at the port of entry.
  16. Visa is only applicable for the 2 cities of Mecca and Medina. If you are interested in visiting other cities, prior intimation and approval is required. We recommend that you inform your travel agent well in advance to obtain the approvals.


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Health Requirements for Issuance of Umrah Visa

  • The applicant must submit proof of vaccination for meningitis and ACYW135. For infants and children up to fifteen (15) years of age, a vaccination report is required for polio as well as meningitis and polio.  Children over fifteen (15) years of age should present the same vaccinations requested for adults.
  • The seasonal (or common) flu, which should be taken two weeks before applying for the visa.
  • Vaccination report for meningococcal and polio for kids up to 15 years of age.
  • Travelers who are sick or pregnant need not to perform Umrah.
  • Families with children that have a hard time adjusting to massive crowds can also plan for Umrah at a later stage.


Umrah Visa 2019

For 2019, the Umrah Visa from Pakistan has changed in terms of becoming more secure and digital. New Umrah policy 2019 is in place for Muslim countries. Travel agents and operators collect all necessary paper work as stated above prior to issuing visa and tickets. Certain people apply for Umrah visa and do not return back. Due to avoid this, the government of Saudi Arabia integrates with online systems.  This ensures your records and history of absconding from any country is available. Any dubious activity will and can be given to the government officials.


Ask the Travel Experts

Q1. What is Saudi Arabia Visa price in Pakistan?

Answer. Our travel company provides a complete solution to our valued customers. Package plans include the cost of Saudi visa and other necessities.

Q2. Visa for Umrah from Pakistan timelines?

Answer. As stated in the Umrah Visa 2015 section, the processing will now take time. We recommend you apply weeks prior to your visit.

Q3. 2016 Visa starting ?

Answer. 2016 Umrah Visa from Pakistan has started. It is imperative to get quotation and plan the travel accordingly.

Any other questions feel free to ask, we will answer them immediately.

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