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Umrah Travel Insurance is part of the Umrah packages. All our plans include standard as well as customized Umrah travel insurance. Umrah Travel Insurance is mandatory. Never leave without having a comprehensive insurance plan.

Best practice is to get the Umrah Insurance as you book your Umrah travel. Umrah travel and tours need to have insurance as part of the itinerary.


Umrah Travel Insurance Offering

The following are the main Umrah Travel Insurance service offerings:

  • Accidental Death & Permanent Disability
  • Hospitilization
  • Burial & Repatriation (In case of Natural death only)
  • Loss of Checked in Baggage
  • Loss of Cash
  • Medical Expenses for Accident / Sickness, covers hospitalization expenses for accident or illness.
  • Personal Accident (Accidental Death & Permanent Disability)


Accidental Death & Permanent Disability

With such a large influx of Muslims going for Umrah each year, the probability of accidents and death increases. All security and safety measures are taken. However, with massive people circulating the Kaaba, it is difficult to keep on going smoothly. Accidents do occur. The objective of the accidental death insurance coverage is to ensure that the family members get compensated for any accidental death or permanent disability due to an unforeseen event.



Going to a different country for even a trip causes sickness and fatigue. In order to cover any disparity and illness, hospitalization is all covered in the Umrah package plan. Depending upon the type of coverage selected, different hospital services are available.


Cost of Umrah Travel Insurance

Cost of Umrah Travel Insurance depends upon the plan selected, number of people going and the age of the people performing Umrah. All of these factor into a price model. Due to the massive volumes of people we send we get exclusive costing from insurance companies. We provide Umrah travel insurance costs that is not available in the market. Come and connect with us.


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