Best Umrah Stories you will ever Read in Your Lifetime

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Travelling for Umrah is just the best experience of my life. In that journey, I enjoy meeting new people. People from all over the world come together. We meet at the hotel rooms, alleys and in the house of Allah. Some I have become friends with. All the Umrah stories are very different. I decided to write the most interesting stories I have ever heard during my Umrah. So here goes the ultimate and best Umrah stories ever written.


Umrah Story 1 – Heard the azaan in a boat wreck

” I am a small sailor and was sailing on the coastal areas of New Zealand and our boat hit some rocks. I was drowning. Scary was the entier event. A different sound in the water was resonating. I survived and kept on finding out what was that mystical music sound. The noise was heard again while I was walking to a grocery shop and a taxi driver was listening to the azaan on his phone. I stopped. Begged him to tell me what it was. He told me it is the call for prayers. I immediately told him I need to meet a Muslim preacher. He took me immediately to a local mosque. I was sweating. He knew I had something to state. I became a muslim immediately.”  – Edward Tanner, 34, New Zealand


Umrah Story 2 – I met my enemy

” I have hated and despised my ex boss. He fired me and I had to go through some major hardships. I was always praying that I will never forgive him and never let him go away with the murder he did. One day on my journey for Umrah, I bumped into me. He did not recognize me since I had grown a different hair style. He begged for water. I gave it to him. What was amazing was that he was crying and stating that he was sorry for many things he did wrong. I asked him for what. He said he fired someone and realized it. I knew I had to forgive him. I left. But when I came back to the hotel room, I realized that I cannot forgive him. Later that night, I heard someone died. I asked whom and they pronounced his name. Someone stated he kept on asking people to find a person for forgiveness.” – Amjad, 45, Teacher, Pakistan


Umrah Story 3 – Finding a job

” I had some money and booked my umrah with my wife. However, I got fired and decided not to go because I need the money to keep alive. My wife disagreed and requested to go irrespective. I was reluctant but I went. There I was going for the first time. I met a person that I helped in great detail. He was older man helping his mother. I did it only for him as a blessing. When we started talking he said he owns a big business in Oman and is upset because his manager left him. And he was looking for a manager who can take the lead. I told him I need a job and told him my story. He was delighted and offered me a job there and then.”  Ali, 23, Syria


Umrah Story 4 – My brother and I met our dad

“My father died when I was 15. And my elder brother was ten years older than me. My brother is not rich and going through main hard times. I am a doctor in Australia now and went back to invite him for Umrah. He was delighted. I was in Mecca and then Medinah. There we met some old man and he said to me that I did the right thing. He knew why I took my brother. I wanted to take my father but he died. The old man said to me that I got the blessings of the activity of the father. I asked him how he knows. He pointed to a man in the distance. It was my father. I was in tears.”  – Zaidan, 38, Doctor, France


Umrah Story 5 – I found my wealth

“Many years back I lost my wallet with major savings in Mecca during Umrah. And I was so scared and depressed. I lost a large savings and my health after that. All I remember was the face of the driver. He was a tall African who had a scar on his nose and it was evident. Ten years later I went again for Umrah. And I saw him in the distance. And told him I lost my wallet once in his taxi. He cried. He took me home. And gave me 300 more than the amount. I asked why. He told me that he tried to find me but used the money in business and got successful and promised I will return the profits if I find the person. Allah knows better. I became more richer than I had ever expected.” – Khadim, 67, Bangladesh


There are so many beautiful stories that keep delighting the mind and soul. It is always great moments when people meet you and tell you superb stories of love, peace and tranquility. If you have a story please do share!


Best Umrah Stories you will ever Read in Your Lifetime
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