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Right after Hajj season, the Saudi Government allows agencies and countries to open up the Umrah season. It typically takes a few weeks and even months after the Hajj season for the Saudi government to start issuing Umrah visas. Revamping the hotels, local areas, motels, parks, restaurants, malls for the new coming pilgrims is a continuous activity after Hajj. Massive influx of people have come and it is imperative to ensure that the area remains cleans for the new people arriving.

The objective is to clean up and sort out any variance from the Hajj impact. Do realize that millions of people have just visited the most beautiful and holiest cities of the world, and the government needs to prepare for the entire Umrah season. Umrah Season is still very much active. Kindly click the link below to obtain a free quotation. Umrah Packages after Hajj is comparatively cheaper as compared to Umrah during Ramadan.


Kindly click the link here if you are want to know more about umrah visa procedure from Pakistan.


Umrah Visa Opening Dates 2019 after Hajj

The Umrah Visa Opening dates for 2019 after Hajj confirms once the Saudi Ministry gives approval. It is possible that the Umrah visas can start for other countries prior to Pakistan visa opening and vise versa. It typically takes a few weeks or months depending upon the legal implications. We recommend that you book your packages in advance and work out the visa requirements.

Saudi Government provides comprehensive package plans to each Muslim country. And each year the government of Saudi Arabia either allows or rejects the visa issuance. Government of Saudi Arabia evaluates each travel agent on merit. Government monitors each record and travel of each travel agent. Each person registers via its visa office and travel agent. That travel agent has to have bonds with each regional player to ensure that the people return safely.

People need to know that the laws in Saudi Arabia are very much different. Government immediately deports people that do not return. Hence, Umrah after Hajj season depends on multiple variances. Some times the country gets different quota. Some packages are not offered any more. Pricing might change.

If you find a travel agent quoting you a price prior to the Hajj, this is not possible. And that pricing is not accurate but only an estimate. Travel agents get quotas and enjoy a reasonable leverage of pricing. The best umrah 5 star packages are also offered after Hajj since the hotels are more than eager to win business. The earlier the bookings the better.

Prepare for Umrah prior to any Hajj months in advance. Umrah after the great Hajj is not like performing the umrah during the holy month of Ramadan. In fact, the prices are now reasonable and not as high as Ramadan Umrah.

More options open up and you can now bargain a great deal.


When Does Umrah Officially Start After Hajj 2019

Umrah visa opening date 2019 after hajj will be updated. Currently, Umrah after Hajj 2019 has not been finalized. First flights to start from August 2019 onward. Be prepared to book in advance since the hotels and air flights are being booked continuously. The prices fluctuate as well depending upon the need and demand.


How long is Umrah closed after hajj 2019

Typically it takes a few weeks for the Saudi Government to clean the areas after the massive Hajj. Do recall that Hajj is the biggest event for the Muslims from all over the world. Hence it takes weeks for the government be ready for the new Umrah season.

Additionally, there is new policies and governance rules that start each year after Hajj. Umrah season starts soon after the Hajj.

So with the maintenance as well as legal reforms coming into place, it takes at least 3 to 5 weeks for Umrah to officially open up. Also, the government also works with countries to issue the quotas.


Umrah Packages After Hajj

Exclusive Umrah Packages after Hajj are available. Muslims to book these special packages in advance. Umrah after Hajj packages include individual as well as family packages. The prices do vary depending upon the particular hotel and the total number of people that are going. Consult us for further details.

Umrah After Hajj Season
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