Ultimate Halal Love Story of All Times

/Ultimate Halal Love Story of All Times
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Let us first begin with the ultimate halal love story of this century.


Another amazing Halal Love Story

Ali Masud is a young energetic 18 year old teenager going to University of Delaware for higher education. He was well aware of his Pakistani background. He belongs to a noble and pious middle tier religious family. His father works as a civil engineer and mother is a doctor at a local hospital in their city.

He has a dream of pursuing his engineering from University of Delaware. He loves the area and also makes friends on arrival.

Sarah is a young sophisticated 19 year old female from Montana who is on a full scholar at the University of Delaware. Her parents born into a strong catholic background. She belongs to a large family of 8 siblings.

At an early childhood religion fascinated her. Her trips to Syria and Israel captivated her heart. She was in love with the azaan and the mystics of Islam.

Reading is the only key to religion. So she started reading. And reading about Hazrat Umar and Hazrat Ali makes her love Islam. She cannot move into Islam. Her religion and family does not allow. She will never be able to move out of the current scenario.

She meets Ali at a local football match. Both love the game and started playing on the same team. She had initially thought that Ali was from Mexico and never thought he was a Muslim.

It was a Friday prayers and the match was going on. Ali leaves for prayers. Sarah asks him where he goes. He tells her about prayers and how one cannot miss it. She is devastated. She realizes that she can ask the questions to him.

Next few weeks she opens up and communicates her inclination towards Islam. Ali is delighted.


Conversion Happening to Islam

Her questions are hard to answer. He is really skeptical. Her questions challenges him. Answers require knowledge. He digs deeper. He realizes how he is wrong on many things. Love is occurring. He cannot take it other way. But cannot marry without parent consent.

Months go by. She is loving her conversations with him. He is learning and admits that he is improving in religion.

She changes her name to Khadija. She loves her majestic presence in Islam. Ali tells his parents.

After 9 months, Ali asks her to start learning Islam with him. She converts.

“It was magical. I learnt Islam through her. Started to work on reading Islam and books to answer her questions. I loved her change. She started wearing Hajab”, he claims laughing at her.

“My conversion became stronger when Ali asked me to marry him”, she says politely.

After we got married I had an amazing dream. Dream was about us both preparing for going to Umrah in a dream.


Important Halal Lessons

Below are the important and key halal lessons from this story.


Hazrat Khadija is the role model of Sarah

Sarah loves the story of Khadija and her proposal to the beloved prophet.

Our prophet was a noble and pious young man. He was a hardworking and dedicated young man. Khadija had requested for Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) to assist her in her business. She was a very wealthy woman who was a widow. She wanted the Prophet to take care of her business.

The prophet was greatly known as the trust worthy and honest. For that she wanted to have the best soul running her business. And the prophet accepted her business offer. When he started working, her business went to new folds.

Sooner Khadija asked for the hand of the prophet and the prophet accepted.

This is a beautiful story of halal love and understanding. She took into account many great characteristics prior to offering the hand. On another account the story reveals that the woman can also offer the hand of marriage to a man.

And after the marriage, the prophet loved Khadija dearly and never married during her life time. He was in love with her for the sake of Islam. In fact she was the first person to believe in the prophet once he declared himself as a prophet.

What I love about the story is the uniqueness of the equation. It started as a business deal. It was based on respect and morals. She noticed him and honored him with giving him business rewards.

To Sarah the story of the prophet with Khadija is so impactful. She loves the love and understanding of that couple and idolizes a marriage to be like that. What a beautiful halal love story to keep in the mind and heart.


Prophet Muhammad as the best Husband

No other person comes close to the uniqueness of the prophet. He was a magnificent man and husband. His love for his wives is unparalleled in the annals of history. He was polite, delicate and sincere with them.

All Muslims to follow the way of the beloved prophet.


Love the Girl Through the eyes of Nikah

Romance and Love is a beautiful emotion and one is encouraged to love. The ultimate Love through the eyes of nikah. The intent is to marry the girl. If you have lust desires that is not halal. If you want to marry her and have kids with her that is the best perspective. Find love in the marriage. Talk to the woman and find out the reasons to find love and marriage.


Woman has the full right in a marriage

The woman also has a strong emotional stance in marriage. If she does not agree to marriage it is not permissible. A woman can find love and ask the man for marriage.


Islam is a wonderful and astonishing religion. It keeps peace and love in a beautiful manner of respect and kindness. Family is an important factor in Islam. Islam converts love to marriage.


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