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Mothers have a very prominent role to play in the creation of society. They are the most beloved and critical human being for mankind. All of the greatest writers have written about the importance and value of mothers. Majority of the greatest men on earth have contributed their success to the upbringing and values given by their mothers. Today, we live a world where we find true sad Islamic stories about mothers. Mother sad story like this will break your heart.

All of the prophets give value to the mother. Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) has raised the stage of a mother in Islam. He has significantly added importance, value and recognition for the mother. In fact they are verses in the holy Koran that state how to act in front of parents.

Some of the most beautiful stories of Islam revolve around the mother. However we also live in a society that produces a significant amount of sad stories about mothers. Our heart breaks when we read about sad Islamic stories about mothers. As children you grow up and get married. Islam has certain values as a married couple and you still need to be obliged to love parents.

We are here to share with you a very interesting and impactful sad story about a mother that has been narrated to us. We highly recommend that you learned the lessons from this story.


Bitter Islamic Story of a Mother

Ali is 21 years old and is planning to go the United Kingdom for higher education. He is asking his parents for permission but they are not providing him with the opportunity to leave. He wants to be a lawyer and believes that going to the United Kingdom will give him the knowledge base and the expertise to become as significant and high-level lawyer.

The mother however believes that her son should stay with her and run a business. Additionally the father does not have that kind of income to support higher education. The amount of money that the father can give is ample enough to open up a small-scale business that can eventually grow. Mother sad story of life and remorse is a reality.

Being disappointed about the fates of life is natural. That is a natural habit of man. People do become depressed. Depression is a logical state of mind. Life, people, and environmental factors will definitely make you depressed. But the beauty of life is to remain calm and enjoy what life has to offer you. Similarly even if the parents do not accept your request, do not be deplorable.

The anguish and the prayer of the mother go directly to Allah. And if mothers do wish for certain things for the kids then the environment and spirituality allows that to happen. This is part of all religions. That is why we highly recommend that everyone should always follow the blessings and directions of parents. There is a certain calmness and serenity in their prayers and direction.

And in many cases if you have to disagree with your parents then there’s always a very tangible and sophisticated way to talk to them and see if you can change their perspective.


Reaction of Son to Mother

Ali does not believe in negotiation and is very bitter. He is throwing various tantrums in the house and making his parents very annoyed. He is the only son and is giving his parents the hardest time of their lives. Ali is not going to any place and staying at home. He has stopped going and doing the chores of the house. He is complaining that until and unless his viewpoint is adhered to you he will not be doing any of the chores or activities that is his responsibility at home and at school.

The father and the mother pray and even beg him to stop this. The father even explains that he does not have enough money and does not want his son to feel bad about that. His father states that if he makes good money in the business and eventually he can go to United Kingdom and spend more years there because he has enough money to do so.

The mother is adamant that he will be very successful in this particular country. Going to another country is not what the heart of the mother wants. Irrespective of this Ali is very abusive and at one given stage even he hits his mother. The mother cries.

The father finds about this. And the father talks to his son about this sad state of affairs. Ali misbehaves with his father and scolds his mother for telling the father. Both weep as Ali leaves the house.

Ali decides to go to United Kingdom even without the blessing of the mother. And he leaves. When Ali does not return they realise that he has left.

Ali is very excited in the United Kingdom and enjoys new friends and the opportunity. One day he is going to a local club and is hit very badly by a speeding drunk car. He breaks his legs and his spinal cord. He has no medical insurance and the only money he has left is enough for him to come back.


Kids Poorly Treating Mothers

Ali is taken back home and he realises that his mother was correct. He realises that he was wrong and his mother was correct.

One thing that this young man could not comprehend is how the mother was taking this experience. Her heart is broken. She cries every single day. The mothers weeps and does not understand why her only son is misbehaving in such a way when she has done nothing wrong in life. As a mother she cannot admit to the fact that he has left her all alone. She stops eating and becomes very unstable. She is near her deathbed.

And when she sees her son in such unhealthy state she is in more loss and in pain. The son does apologize to the mother. However it is too late.

The mother does not forgive the son and moves on with life stating that what her son did is something that she cannot forgive.

As a son recovers he still is not feeling happy and is very miserable. His mother does not appreciate him and does not allow for any prayers to come. Ali becomes the same person again. He misbehaves with the mother and is not respected at any given stage. Ali does not feed and take care of her. The son has an opportunity to make a happy again. But does not avail it. He is abusive to his mother and does not even give her money.

The mother becomes weak both in terms of spirituality and health. She cannot take her bath herself and needs help. The son does not help. At this stage the mother can only revert to prayers. In these states she makes anguish to her son.

The anguish mother leaves the world and the son is not wealthy or healthy all his life.


Sad Islamic Story

This is indeed one of the most bizarre and sad Islamic stories of all times. True sad stories of a mother is tragic. Imagine a world where sad stories involves mother. This is the most severe and human degradation story that any civilization will read.


Lessons to Learn

  • The lesson is to always obey the mother and never make her angry and get her bad omen. Mothers are the queens of the soul. They are the gateway of heaven.
  • Kids that upset mothers are never successful in life.

If you have any other stories, please do share.




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