Amazing Trip to Head Baloki Park

/Amazing Trip to Head Baloki Park
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Head Baloki also called Balloki headworks is located on Ravi River. It is in Phoolnagar city which is approximately 65 kilometers south west from Lahore. The headworks was constructed by the British Government in 1913 and still stands active till this date.  The main purpose to construct Balloki Headworks was to provide 6900 cusecs water in the Lower Bari Doab canal having a gross command area of 1.822 million acres and culturable command area of 1.47 million acres.


Traveling towards Head Baloki from Lahore

Getting out of Lahore you need to take the Multan Road towards Multan. Approximately 50 kilometers you will see the sign of Phoolnagar city. There is a large board and entrance sign. Move the car to the right and enter the city. The drive from Lahore to this city is typical country side drive. Nothing to view. Simple drive with small remote towns on the main road. Dusty and not to clean area.

Phoolnagar is the same. You enter into the main city. The city is a small moving town where people are friendly and know travelers come this way. After entering the city, the road split into 2 roads. Take the road on the right and go another 15 kilometers. This particular road becomes more scenic. You enjoy the trees and start smelling the freshness of the air.


Family Trip to Head Baloki Resort

As you come closer to the area, you see a lush green private resort on the left hand side. The resort is called Greenfields Country Club. A few kilometers on the right there is a new Marina Resort being constructed. Local fish markets are on both sides enticing the people to purchase fresh fish.

scenic canal bank head baloki

Scenic Route along the Canal Bank

Head Baloki begins. Take the gate on the left hand side and you can enjoy a long beautiful drive parallel to the canals. Perfect family picnic place. You see trees and lush green ponds. People take families out and many are sitting on the banks fishing. People are playing in the open yards and local farmers enjoying the farming.

The scenic route is magnifying. Highly recommend going on foot or having a bicycle. It was breathtaking to take the journey and enjoy the scenes. Trees, weather and silent streets is amazing really.

The best part is the travel along the canal. There are so many little spots to stop and enjoy the amazing view. We recommend going during the September – November season.


headbaloki trees

One can simply sit there for hours and enjoy a book or a family picnic. Perfect spot for kids and family.

There are many side bank areas that one can explore. You can go off tracking and enjoy walking and hiking the small hills that go to the canal and waters. Some areas have the sandy areas and other pebbles. Many locals fish all day.

My favorite aspect was looking at the old trees planted on the road sides. These trees speak volume of the history and majesty of the place. These are old trees that still keep their grace. You see kids enjoying the shade and many artists come to paint these old trees.

There are many trees till one can see. The trees are perfectly aligned with the natural habitat. Many are found in the beginning of the area as compared to the later part of the canal bank road.


Boating and Fishing

After leaving the canal scenic routes you can go fishing and boating on the main docks. There is no self boating. There are boats that can show you a nice view of the waters.

Majority of the locals fish on the main bridges. That is where the waters pump water to other canals. Many young kids are busy netting and capturing fish.


Once the tourism department had a beautiful theme park for kids. Now it is called Rana Resort and is a private place.







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