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It is my first time performing Umrah. First time performing Umrah along with my family. And it is the most magnificent experience of a lifetime. There are many of times where you wonder how magnificent and spectacular Mecca would be. Travel from mecca to medinah is a trip worth taking once in a lifetime. However the experience is unique. No dream about going to mecca for Umrah can even come close to the reality. This is one of those things that dreams cannot even dream about.

Mecca and Medinah are just stunning. Both in terms of experience and the travel. Let me share with you my travel from Mecca to Medinah story. I am sure many other Muslims will have a similar or even better experience.


A Child Story of the Mecca to Medina Journey

As a small child, I have been anticipating going for Umrah. And one lucky day I got a call stating that my Visa along with my family’s visa is approved. We were on our journey to a five-star experience. I always believe that if you have to travel then travel at best perspectives. Why to go for travel and then have an economy package. I always want to experience the best of the best. Splendid 5 star Umrah experience and service is the call of the day! So we were able to stay at some of the most luxurious hotels ever and also ate some spectacular food. Mecca and Medinah were both cities that have the hotels and the amenities to provide full 5 star experience to individuals.

My kids and my extended family really enjoyed the different hotels that we stayed at. Do remember that mecca is the holiest city for the Muslims. This is the place where the Prophet Muhammad was born and Islam rose to power. Mecca has a very different and spiritual vibe. With millions of Muslims going around, life registers you as an atom. You realize that you are very small soul among millions of souls. This is like a galaxy system. Travel to Mecca to Medinah is a spiritual journey for all Muslims.


Travel to Mecca

The main thought that always comes to my mind as I perform Umrah is how small I am in totality. I am small but also very much to thank Allah for. There are many people who do not even have legs performing Umrah. I have met many people who were performing Umrah without one arm. It is a blessing that I’ve able to perform Umrah was all of my legs and arms. I’m not on a wheelchair and that no one is helping me perform the Umrah.

When you go to mecca you want to ask for forgiveness. You want to make sure that all of your sins are depleted. You are in front of the house of God and you want to ensure that you are in the right mind frame. If you believe that you are going to get forgiveness then typically those emotions come through.


Travel to Medinah

After staying in mecca for a couple of days of family my family decides to go to Medina. Medina is one of the most famous cities in the world. And there are many reasons behind that.

On the main reasons is that the caliphs started spending Islam from that particular city. Another important reason is the mosque of the greatest Prophet of the world is situated in Medina. The journey from mecca to Medina is spellbound. It takes a couple of hours. Again it depends upon how you’re travelling from Mecca to Medina. Majority of the people simply take coaches and buses. It takes a several hour to cover the distance from mecca to Medina.

In the bus there are so many different people. You enjoy the talks and the information you get from others.

There’s really not much to see between Mecca till Madina except Desert and dry land. Certain areas have grown exponentially grown in terms of population. But there are no big high-rises and entertainment zones along the main road. I’ve heard that there are many ways to go from mecca to Medina. However the pilgrims go from Mecca to Medina through one specific route. I hear that a train is also going to start from Mecca to Medina that is going to facilitate the travel and decrease that time to be taken.

Going from mecca to Medina I was able to enjoy not only the trip but meeting different people. The lady that I was sitting with in the bus tells me many beautiful stories of Prophet Mohammed and the city of Medina. The love of the Prophet and the city grows.


Tranquility of Medinah

People tell me that there is a calmness in Medinah that you cannot find anywhere in the world. There is aroma of love in the air.

It is true. Mecca will be a bit benevolent but Medinah is serenity at its peak. The heart enjoys the moments.

As we start our journey some people in the bus start talking about how calm and serene Medina as compared to Mecca. Many people going there need to see the majesty of the Prophet and his mosque.

Going towards the Mosque of the Prophet for the first time is breath taking. You cannot believe you are walking towards the greatest man on Earth. Your feet tremble. You faint in ecstasy. Reality sets in. There is a spiritual bliss of romance and love. You are eventually in the Mosque of Medinah!

Many new Muslims do not know that two other great leaders are also buried in the Prophet Mosque. Hazrat Umar and Hazrat Abu Bakr are also buried there.

Please also share your experience as well.


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