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Umrah Booking and Hajj Conditions and Contract

Hajj Umrah Travel Packages is an online marketing company that has a variety of different packages and travel agent networks. We circulate your requirements against our extensive database and provide you with the best services. We have extensive and best package offerings in the market till date. Booking with Hajj Umrah Travel Packages and its affiliates will be governed by the following laws and regulations stated below. Kindly read them carefully.


1.  Booking

Your contract with The Company is made once the following steps have been completed:

  1. Filling the online booking form or visiting any of our office or affiliate partner offices.
  2. The invoice/receipt by The Company will be sent to you after confirmation and payment of services.
  3. Authorization required in case any party is representing a group or community of people.


2.  Payment

  • Payment needs to be made in full prior to departure.
  • No exceptions. Money The full payment must be made to the Company minimum 2 weeks before the departure date for Umrah.
  • Cash, money order, bank transfer and checks are all accepted modes of payment.
  • Cancellation charges as per business standards.


3.   Change or Alteration in the Booking

Any alterations in the booking will incur cost. The change cost will be dependent upon the change and the cost by the hotel and airlines and other services you have requested. This is excluding the change charges that any of our affiliate partners will be processing to process the alteration in the booking.


4.  Cancellation Charges 

Cancellation charges are applicable. All cancellation charges will be based upon the surcharges applied by the hotel, air and other services taken from our company.


5. The Complaint

Complaints by registering it on our call center or via email. All complaints will be evaluated on merit and customer service resolution provided immediately.


6. Our Obligations 

Our obligation as a Travel Marketing Company is to provide the best travel package and experience in the market. We work with different partners and channels and their can arise issues and challenges. There is always a risk in travel. Our objective is to facilitate and mitigate risk through the entire travel life cycle.

During Umrah and Hajj season hotels, flights and transportation may be overbooked by our suppliers, in a case of overlooking the supplier holds the responsibility to provide a similar alternative:

  • In a case your hotel is overbooked, a similar hotel (in the same or similar standard category) will be provided
  • In a case your flight is overbooked, the airline holds the responsiblity and liability to provide an alternative flight, in this case if you arrive at the destination latter then expected and no refunds or compensation can be made for the loss of time, or for the loss of accommodation or hotel. Any compensation must be made with the airline directly.
  • In a case your transportation is overbooked, a similar transport service will be provided.

Death or personal injury is not covered under the package. However, travel insurance can be taken from us that will cover the entire injury and death claims.

Hotels and airlines and their liability is transferred to the companies directly. We are only facilitator of the service offerings.


7.   Prices

Prices are subject to change. However, when the invoice is generated the price will be locked. Unless otherwise stated by external factors beyond mankind intervention.


8.  Alteration of Your Confirmed Booking

Alternation of your booking can be apt to change. The change triggering mechanism is typically scenarios beyond the jurisdiction of man-made events. Catastrophic events include, but are not limited to, war, threat of war, riot, civil strife, terrorist activity (actual or threatened), industrial dispute, technical problems with transport, machinery or equipment, power failure, natural or nuclear disaster, fire, epidemic, flood, drought, unavoidable technical problems with transport, and adverse weather.


9. Service Cancellation

Cancellation of Services will be applicable in case of non compliance to any law of Saudi Arabia or non-payment of the travel expenses.


11. Data Protection Privacy Policy

The online booking form only has basic details that is communicated to our parties and channels to provide you with most lucrative offers. Your data is save with us and we do not share the data beyond our internal network. Once we get a confirmation of booking, your details are shared with the hotels and airline.


12. Umrah Visa

Our Affiliate Partners provide Umrah Visa services. It is up to the government of Saudi Arabia to issue your visa. No travel agency can be held liable for non issuance of Umrah Visa.


13. Health and Travel Responsibility

Once the booking is confirmed, the following important factors are mandated to be followed:

  • check all the relevant travel information is up to date and has the correct data.
  • Immediately update the relevant stakeholders in case of any name or data mistake.
  • Passport has to be valid 6 months prior to travel dates.
  • Highly recommend obtaining travel insurance.
  • all Saudi Arabia healthcare mandates are followed including checkups and recommended vaccinations.
  • Proper understanding of performing Umrah Islamic way and Hajj participation.
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