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Best Umrah Stories you will ever Read in Your Lifetime

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Travelling for Umrah is just the best experience of my life. In that journey, I enjoy meeting new people. People from all over the world come together. We meet at the hotel rooms, alleys and in the house of Allah. Some I have become friends with. All the Umrah stories are very different. I decided to [...]

Preparing for Umrah In a Dream

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The beauty of life remains in a dream. And especially beautiful dreams. Preparing for Umrah is a dream is a blessed and significant dream. In fact, in Islam, a call for Umrah through a dream is magnificent. To prepare for umrah in a dream is an indicator of blessing and good tidings. It might be that [...]

3 Most Amazing Convert to Islam Stories Ever Told

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This is a romantic article. It is about and romance. Yes, even Islam has these beautiful words in them. I was recently performing my full star umrah with my family in 2015 and met so many different people from all different sects of life. I was able to look at the people from different ethnic backgrounds [...]

3 Amazing Lessons my Dad Taught me that made me Fall in Love with Islam

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We grow up with the love of parents. The beauty is when the parents make you fall in love with religion. This is the most powerful ingredient and gift of fatherhood. This is the greatest gift of any Muslim Father. Lessons my dad taught me about Islam is a story of every son. Here I am going [...]

5 reasons to make Mecca your next Holiday Spot

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We have been contemplating to take our kids to a very exotic and spiritual place. My husband is a pilot and I am a dentist. We are living with three beautiful kids and set goals to ensure that they get proper exposure and  experience of life. Travel is a core ingredient to experience. The best way [...]