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The beauty of life remains in a dream. And especially beautiful dreams. Preparing for Umrah is a dream is a blessed and significant dream. In fact, in Islam, a call for Umrah through a dream is magnificent. To prepare for umrah in a dream is an indicator of blessing and good tidings. It might be that Allah is calling you and updating you through a dream to come and visit.

Now, the question is the revelation in that dream. How are you preparing for Umrah in your sleep? Are you purchasing the tickets? Planning on visiting friends and telling them you are on your way? Are you trying to get finances ready to get you through the journey? Have you been concerned about a certain issue and then this call comes so that you can go there and pray?

Many different things can come forth. The reality is that all are beautiful and significant. But the how matters. And that needs to be focused on immediately.


Interpretation of Going to Umrah in a Dream

Going to Umrah in a dream has many interpretations. Let us explore this in the light of sayings of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him).


Hadith 116 from Sahih Al Bukhari Volume IX:

Narrated Ubad Bin As-Samit: The Prophet said: “The (good) dreams of faithful believer is part of the forty-six parts of prophetism.”


Hence, getting a dream of performing Umrah is a blessing. It is showing a faithful believer wish to perform or plan for Umrah. Planning for Hajj in a dream has greater blessings.


Hadith 113 from Sahih Al Bukhari Volume IX:

Narrated Abu Qatada : The Prophet said : “A true good dream is from Allah, and a bad dream is from Satan.”


Another glorious hadith. So, if you see yourself preparing, planning or performing Umrah in a dream, take it as blessing. It is a good dream. These dreams Muslims dream about. Get to love this dream. Performing Umrah Islamic dream is a wonderful step. It shows you that you are being asked to come for pilgrimage.


What Types of Umrah Dreams are you having?

What is doing Umrah in a dream meaning? This dram can mean many different things. Let us first understand what are you doing in dreams.

Are you planning for Umrah in a dream? Planning for Umrah in a dream means you are envisioning going. You are seeing yourself perform or go. This is plan phase. This is a dream many Muslims have.

Preparation of Umrah in a dream is different. You are no longer planning for Umrah in a dream. You are now preparing for Umrah in your dream. This is another beautiful dream. Hence, see how you prepare. Are you getting the funds? Are you getting the tickets?

Third type of dream is regarding performing Umrah. Performing Umrah in a dream means you are there. You are not in planning or preparing phase. Your dreams show you that you are performing Umrah. This is another blessing dream.

Planning, preparing or performing Umrah are all  blessed dreams. All of them leading towards Allah.


Top Umrah Through Dream Stories

A large majority of our travelers that go to Umrah travel through our agencies realize that it all started with a dream notification. They were destined to go through an inclination. Let me share with you the top dream of going to Umrah from our valued customers.

” I was getting sick. And wanted some peace and tranquility. I saw my self-wandering in the streets. I realized that it was not a city I knew. And then I saw the lights of Mecca. That is when I knew!” – Akram, 34, Engineer, Peshawar.

“My emotions never stop. I never had money. I had a wish I had the finances. In a dream a young man came to my door and delivered cash. I was amazed. I asked him why is he giving it to me. He said I have been ordered to deliver the payment to you for your Umrah. I was astonished. Interestingly the next day I get a call from my nephew stating he has applied for me and I will be going with him. Only Allah knows!” – Sadia, Mother, Lahore.

Many of these individuals who tend to go for Umrah tend to have dreams again. All this happens after coming back from Umrah the first time. It becomes a re-occurring situation. People love to visit Mecca again for umrah.


Dreams about Immediate Visa Approval

Met a few travel people that had a bizarre dream about visa approval from unknown sources that triggers the event of Umrah. Umrah gives birth to a reality unknown to man. Let us explore different dreams. Remember Umrah is the shortest pilgrimage. How long does an Umrah take? Locals there can perform Umrah in a day or few hours.

“I was in a trance. Worries were just a part of the game. I do not know if I am going to eat the next meal or not. Old man came to me and gives me an envelope. It does seem to have money. I never opened it. Later that day same man came and said open it. I started talking to him and told him I am really upset and need a solution. He claims that the solution is in the envelope. I open it up. It has my name on a visa to mecca for Umrah”, states Ali.

Ali is a dental student and is working hard to develop himself into a strong and focused dentist. A few weeks after this beautiful dream his college tells him that he is going for Umrah. His name came up. Certain students are gifted this travel. He is one of the lucky ones.

Getting a Saudi Arabia Umrah visa is certainly a lucky notion. Many young people go to Mecca for Umrah and now Ali is one of them.


Female Story of Umrah Love

Another amazing story is of Amina who is a teacher at Home Economics College Lahore. Her story provides an insight to how magical these dreams can come true. Let us update you of her story.

My father came in my dreams and told me I will be travelling to Madinah and visiting some people there. There is some money he had to give to someone and I was told he will be there. I took the extra money with me. The visa came automatically. I have no idea from where. Some aunty of mine added me since she was also going. I went. And indeed, a met that person my father told.



Umrah is an amazing travel experience. People connect in dreams about Umrah. It is a masterpiece in the making. May Allah grant everyone the ability to have such wonderful dreams. And let these dreams come true. Like to have people share their stories as well.


Preparing for Umrah In a Dream
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