14 Places to visit in Mecca

/14 Places to visit in Mecca

When you are performing Umrah there are many exciting, religious and sentimental places to visit for all Muslims. For many these places are called “ziyarat”. This is an Arabic as well as Urdu name meaning to visit holy places. Mecca is the central point for all Muslims. This is where Islam began. Hence the entire city has many places to visit and learn lessons from. This is the city where the Prophet was brought up. And the city where millions of Muslims visit today to perform many Islamic pilgrimages. These visits are many of times part of Hajj and Umrah services by travel agents.


Grand Holy Mosque

The main attraction is the Holy Mosque. This is the mosque that holds the Kaaba. Holy Mosque is the main mosque that millions of Muslims come for Umrah and Hajj. It hosts the Kaaba and Muslims come to visit it and perform different Islamic rituals. This gets really filled during Umrah in Ramadan.


The Cave of Hira –  Ghari Hira (Al Nour Mountain)

The Islamic revelations begins with Jabriel visiting the Prophet Muhammad ( Peace Be Upon Him). This is the cave that is in the outskirts of Mecca. Prophet used to go there to go for peace and tranquility. It is here where he used to reflect and ponder on life and existence. This the first meeting place with the main angel and the revelations began.

Note – Due note that it is not that easy to move forward and we recommend many to be careful since the path is not an easy climb.


The birthplace of the Beloved Prophet

The birthplace of the beloved Prophet is now converted to a national library. Many travelers are not aware of this place. We recommend to go there and enjoy the vicinity and imagine this is the world where the Prophet grew up in. It is now much different but you can enjoy the calmness and the greatness of that neighborhood.


House of Abu Bakr

One of the few areas that still have remnants is the house of Abu Bakr. You can easily find out his house which is in a few traffic from main Mecca.

Mount Arafah

This is the main mount that millions of Muslims come for Hajj ritual. Though there is no need to visit it for Umrah, many Muslims like to visit it for historical purposes.

Cave Suhr

This particular cave has a very important significance in history. Prior to moving to Medinah, the Prophet had to leave Mecca and had to stay a night in the cave. There is a whole verse and story of the Prophet staying a night with Hazrat Abu Bakr.

Jannat ul Maula

This is one of the most blessed graveyards in entire Mecca. This is where the grave of Hazrat Khadija (May Allah be pleased with her) resides. There are other blessed people who are blessed there. Khadija is the first wife of the Prophet and the first Muslim of the entire Muslim world. The forefathers of the Prophet is buried there. Graves of great grandfather Abd Manaf is buried there and others too.

The grave of Qasim, the son of the Prophet is also in this area.

Mosque of Aisha – The second largest Mosque

This mosque gets the name from Hazrat Aisha. Hazrat Aisha is the wife of the beloved Prophet. It also holds another prominent place in history. This is the main place where people put Ihram while performing Islamic rituals.

Jabal Al-Rahma

This holds one of the most important historical importance in Islam. The Jabal Al-Rahma is a very small hillock. This is the place where the beloved Prophet delivers his last speech. This is a very eloquent speech of the Prophet.

Many of the Muslims love to go there and pray.

The Mosque of Jins

This has a very different name. Mosque of jins is a unique name for mosque. There are different interpretations of this story.


Masjid Bilal

Primarily this was the house of Hazrat Bilal and later converted to a mosque.


This too is a mountainous valley. It stretches to the outskirts and please go there prior to moving towards Arafat. It comes after Mina.

Masjid Al Khayf

This is a mosque at the foot of Mount Mina. This is important because the Prophet prayed there and other prophets performed prayers there too. Millions pray there. Many Muslims visit this mosque during travel.


This is the place where the Muslims stone the shaitan. This is a religious on the Hajj event. Everyone visits it during Hajj.


Millions of Muslims visit these places during visit Mecca for any pilgrimage. If you know of any other amazing places, please do share. These are very blessed places. All of them are in the city of Mecca. Take the family and see how the life was. Houses and mosques are relics of history.



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