How to Perform Umrah For Women

/How to Perform Umrah For Women
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This blog is to provide the readers with the clear understanding of the rules ordained by Islam for Women when they are planning on performing Umrah. The blog articles discusses the clothing requirements, visa requirements, Islamic requirements and the physical requirements that need to be met to successfully perform Umrah. All females irrespective of the age bracket that are planning on moving forward to Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah needs to know the basic steps and procedures to perform Umrah correctly. Little girls are certainly excluded since they are innocent. One of our recommendations is to abide by the men that the women are going with. Basically, the majority of the steps are the same for man and woman. However, there are certain areas where there is a difference.


Ultimate Umrah Guide for Women

Our humble attempt to provide the ultimate Umrah guide for women. A clear step to step guide on the Umrah process for women.

In Islam, Women  to visit the house of Allah and enjoy the blessings of Umrah. Women have the same right to the blessings and the grace of Allah. The main difference in their security and their dressings. Women are an important pillar of Islamic value and family. It is the duty of the males to take care of their women and enable them to perform Umrah.

Let us update you of the main exceptions:

  • Ihram for Men is a stipulated method. however, for women it is not the case. Women to cover properly the body.
  • Women who are having their menstrual cycles need to abstain from performing Umrah.
  • After the completion of Sa’yi, males have to shave off their heads. This is not the same case for women. Women are only told to cut their hair the length of a finger nail. This is to ensure that the women have also participated in that ritual.
  • Al-Idhtebaa’ and Al-Raml- which are for men only.
  • Talbeeyah- said loudly by men and in a low voice by women pilgrims.

These are the main differences in terms of the approach and method. However, the main activities and performing Umrah remains the same.


What Should Women Wear for Umrah

Ihram basically means covering the main organs. While you are performing the Umrah, it is obligatory to have a sanity and community sense. Hence, the women to wear decent cloths. The women are allowed to enter the state of Ihram by washing themselves and ensuring that they stay pure and holy during the entire Umrah activity. Any activity that makes the women unclean or impure is not recommended. Any practice like that will break the Umrah for the woman. During Umrah, women cannot wear any type of veil and gloves. These are not permissible under any means. Ihram for women during Umrah is more symbolic. This symbolism identifies the importance of cleanliness and holiness.

  • There is no special acceptance of Ihram. Women can even wear regular clothing.
  • Very unlike men, women can wear stitched clothing.
  • Women not to wear silk during Umrah.
  • Jewelry is not permissible during performance of Umrah.
  • Women do not need to cover her face for Umrah.
  • No thin clothing.
  • Clothing be of any color.
  • Wear not wear something that covers face and hands.

In fact, many of the latest Umrah packages from Pakistan and other parts of the Muslim countries now offer real time and even virtual classes for the women prior to taking up the journey to Mecca and Medinah.


Mahram in Islam for Women

Men can perform Umrah on their own. However, this is not the case for women. And there are significant rules and laws that stipulate and provide evidence as to why women should not perform Umrah alone

For your convenience the following is a list of mahram for women:

  •  Father, mother, grandparents, and great-grandparents
  • Brothers and sisters
  • Children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren
  • Uncles, aunts, great-uncles and great-aunts
  • Nephews, nieces, Grand nephews, Grand nieces, great-grand nephews and great-grand-nieces
  • Parent-in-laws
  • Son-in-laws and daughter-in-laws
  • Stepfathers and Step-mothers
  • Stepchildren
  • Rada – Also known as “milk-suckling mahram”

However, there are strict rules for men as well in terms of accompanying their women in Umrah. In Islam, Men are the guardians of the women. So, during Umrah, the women need to make sure that they are close to their male counterparts and ensure that they are aware of the surroundings. In many of the cases where men take their respected elderly, we highly recommend that the five start services are rendered since the services provide a certain level of ease and comfort.


Importance of Mahram

The principle of mahram is important since it regulates everyday human interaction and clearly demarcates the boundaries of permissible human interaction and social activities. Umrah has millions of people from all across the world. And hence, there is a large stamped of people and activities going on at the same time. Hence, with the current influx of people and communities, it is highly recommend for women to carry along with their respective Mahram. Additionally, a single woman in any place is highly likely to be harassed by men. It is common human interaction. And with that comes Shaitan and all the evils. A son in law is a mahram for his mother in law.

That is why it is always safe to be with a man that can provide and decrease the chances of any impurity or lawlessness. Honor and chastity of women are also save with their respective men that are leading them. Umrah is a family event. Families to enjoy Umrah as an activity and a form of veneration to Allah.


Rules of Umrah for Women

  • As discussed above, the women performing Umrah need to be properly dressed and need to be with their Mahram. Additionally, women cannot apply for a Saudi Umrah Visa without being accompanied with a male passport. It will be rejected.
  • Women who are on their menstrual cycle should not participate in Umrah and needs to abstain from it. Women need to be pure and clean during the Umrah activities.
  • Muslims have the luxury of performing Umrah all year round, which is not true of Hajj. Therefore it is advised that women intending to perform Umrah plan their pilgrimage accordingly to avoid any inconveniences.
  • Women needs permission of their husband to wear Ihram. Objective is that nothing should violate the conjugal rights of the husband.
  • Make up is also not permissible during Umrah.
  • If you get your menstrual cycle, then refer to this article on Umrah during menses
  • Though, there are certain rules if the menstrual cycles start during any activity of Umrah, it is highly recommended to not perform Umrah during the cyclic period. Women are recommended to abstain from this at all costs.



How to Perform Umrah For Women
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