How Long Does Umrah Take

/How Long Does Umrah Take
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It really only takes not more than 3 hours. Do remember that Umrah is a ritual that is a circulation of the holy Kaaba after wearing ahram. Many people have the wrong notion that you have to go to Medinah as well to complete the Umrah. That is not correct.


How Long does it take to do Tawaf

Tawaf starts when you enter Kaaba and has to go in circle around the Holy Kaaba. The first Tawaf should not take more than 45 minutes. This again depends upon where you are physically in the premises. If you are in the outer skirts then it will take more time since the radius increases. So there is a trade off. If you are closer then the tawaf is shorter. If you are further off then the tawaf might be easier but will be longer in terms of the time.


Time Dependency Factors

Sometimes it even might take longer and even a few hours. This depends on several key factors:

  • Knowledge about Islam and Umrah – Many of our friends who are new converts spend time to understand the ritual. This takes time. When you perform Umrah, you see new converts asking people about directions and the duas. Many have the duas written and how to move forward. The technique takes time. The Umrah does not begin when you enter the house of Allah. It begins with the intentions. Umrah performing Muslims need to understand how Umrah works. Getting dress is also important for the Umrah.


  • Time of the Day – Time of the day factors into the time it takes. Earlier hours is easier but takes effort to wake up. Even later hours works as well.


  • Before or After Hajj – Before or After Hajj makes a difference. Before Hajj has a massive crowd. Sometimes even after Hajj it becomes rush. Depends on the certain year. We recommend going after Hajj since the rush spades away.


  • Family Members Accompanying – If you are individually going then there is no barrier. With family it takes a longer time. Accompanying a young child during Umrah or going with family will take you time. We recommend that you take this seriously.



Multiple Umrah During Same Time Period

No one that goes for Umrah performs only 1 Umrah. You can perform multiple umrah. There is no restriction. The first Umrah has to be of your own and then you can do Umrah for loved ones. This excludes the travel time from your country to reaching Saudi Arabia.


Minimum Days for Umrah

1 day is enough to complete the Umrah.  Again this will not allow for going to Masjid Nabvi. Going to the Holy Prophet mosque is a great opportunity. We do recommend people to visit Mecca and Medinah.

How long did it take you to perform Umrah. Share your stories.

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