Interpretation of dreams going to hajj

/Interpretation of dreams going to hajj
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This is a beautiful question to ask. How do you interpret dreams of going to Hajj? Preparing for going to hajj in a dream has many different interpretations. Let us first begin with the concept of a dream. Then we will discuss dreams of Hajj. Thirdly, we will discuss the interpretation of a dream in which people or a person performs Hajj.


How does Islam Interpret dreams

In Sahih Muslim, hadith number 1516: Abu Salamah reported that Abu Qatadah narrated: I heard the Messanger of Allah saying: “A good dream is from Allah, and a bad dream is from Satan. So, if anyone of you sees (in a dream) something which he dislikes, when he gets up, he should spit three thrice (on the left side), and seeks refuge with Allah from its evil, then it will not harm him.” Bukhari 5747

This hadith gives a sound interpretation. There are dreams. Good dreams are from Allah. So, let us explore the dream of going to Hajj. This dream is about performing a pillar of Islam. It is a good dream. In fact a great dream. So, you can interpret this as a good blessing from Allah himeself. No one can give these indications except Allah Al Mighty.

Many of times Muslims think that this means one will be going to perform Hajj. This might be true and might not be true. It is a blessing to be seeing going to perform hajj in a dream. This can mean other things as well. It can mean you or someone might be going. Or a direction for you to work harder and get more blessings.


How does Islam Interpret dreams about Hajj

Preparing for going to hajj in a dream can have multiple interpretations. One basic one is that it indicates the person going for Hajj. Additionally, it can also mean that you will be assisting someone to perform Hajj. Thirdly it can mean that Allah is calling you closer to Him.

Interestingly, many people might see others performing Hajj with him or her. That means that there is a community blessing and many people will be going. Preparing for Umrah in a dream has similar relevance.

Remember that Hazrat Yousaf used to see dreams. And in the books of hadiths, dreams and its interpretation is a reality. Or a blessing is going to happen.

Hadith 119 from Sahih Al Bukhari, Volume IX

Narratied by Abu Huraira: I heard Allah’s Apostle saying: “Nothing is left of the prophetism except Al-Mubashshirat.” They asked, “What is Al-Mubashshirat?” He replied: “The true good dreams (that convey glad tidings).”

This hadith explains the true interpretation. It clearly states that good dreams is conveying glad tidings. Those glad tidings can be of any particular value and shape.

Though there is no clear hadith stating that if you see Hajj or something like this in a dream this is the exact interpretation. We can deduct logic from these above stated hadiths. They provide us with the reference.


Performing Hajj in a dream

Many different types of dreams come. Performing Hajj in a dream can also have different types. You can see yourself going for Hajj. Also see yourself performing Hajj. Many people see the before Hajj excitement. They get good news on their visa and tickets. All are all good forms of glad tidings. They are showing that you are being called for to the house of Allah.

Muslims find themselves having similar dreams. Dreams that demonstrate planning for hajj in a dream is also a relevant dream. Planning for Hajj in a dream many people have. You are not performing Hajj but planning for it. SubhanAallah! Another way of good tidings. Many Muslims see themselves searching for best Hajj Umrah services.

Another type of dream is preparing for going to hajj in a dream. This is a bit different than the above dream. Here you are preparing. So you are ready and have planned the trip. Now you are at the airport or arriving at the new location.


What Should You do if you are Preparing, Planning or Performing Hajj in a Dream

We recommend that you start planning for the trip. If you see yourself preparing, planning of performing Hajj then go for it! InshAllah things will turn out perfect. Believe in the dream and take it as a good sign. Wish for more dreams like this. And prepare and go to Hajj.


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