New Umrah Policy 2018 – 2019

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Each year the government of Saudi changes the visa policy to align with the budget and management needs. From 2018 extensive changes in terms of the visa issuance and payment has taken place. The visa policy is applicable to all the Muslims applying for Umrah visa throughout the globe.   New Umrah Policy 2018 Guidelines A [...]

Best Time to Perform Umrah Based Upon Cost, Weather and Rewards

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There are different times in the year that are the best time to do Umrah. Best time to perform Umrah depends upon the goals you set. Each person has his or her reasons for performing Umrah. The reasons define the best time to do Umrah. Let us evaluate the different reasons first and then we will [...]

Can you do Umrah on debt?

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Let us tell you different aspects of Umrah. And validate it through hadith and sunnah. Can you do Umrah on debt? Can you borrow money to go for Umrah? Different schools of thought exist. Objective is to get to see this through the lens of Islamic scholars. We will be exploring different ways of looking at these [...]

Travel from Mecca to Medinah

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It is my first time performing Umrah. First time performing Umrah along with my family. And it is the most magnificent experience of a lifetime. There are many of times where you wonder how magnificent and spectacular Mecca would be. Travel from mecca to medinah is a trip worth taking once in a lifetime. However the [...]

Umrah on WheelChair: Best Travel Advise

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Thousands of people across the world tend to perform Umrah on wheelchair or assist people who are on a wheelchair. Umrah wheelchair travel is something is easily manageable. Sharing with you top expert travel advise on performing Umrah on wheelchair. The first thing to note is the beauty of Islam. There is no compulsion for any [...]

Best Umrah Stories you will ever Read in Your Lifetime

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Travelling for Umrah is just the best experience of my life. In that journey, I enjoy meeting new people. People from all over the world come together. We meet at the hotel rooms, alleys and in the house of Allah. Some I have become friends with. All the Umrah stories are very different. I decided to [...]

Preparing for Umrah In a Dream

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The beauty of life remains in a dream. And especially beautiful dreams. Preparing for Umrah is a dream is a blessed and significant dream. In fact, in Islam, a call for Umrah through a dream is magnificent. To prepare for umrah in a dream is an indicator of blessing and good tidings. It might be that [...]

Life After Umrah

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How much is your life effected after a spiritual journey. Is the life after Umrah really that devastating? What really occurs to people after truly completing the journey to the house of Allah. In order to understand and better comprehend the level of changes, we surveyed a decent number of travelers who arrived back. Below is [...]

Umrah Duas Recommendation by Leading Islamic Experts around the World

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Making it to the Islamic Pilgrimage? MashAllah! Now, the question is what are the best Umrah duas. We researched and evaluated different duas. Research different corners of the world and speak to the leading Islamic scholars are steps to the solution. This post is simply amazing because this question - "What are the best Duas for [...]