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What do Muslims believe about Marriage

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Marriage in its entire state is a beautiful and commendable relationship that all religions believe in. In fact, all the religions appreciate and value religion. The question arises - What do Muslims believe about Marriage? What is the Islamic philosophy behind marriages in Islam. This is a detailed perspective of how Muslims and Islam view marriage. [...]

Ultimate Halal Love Story of All Times

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Let us first begin with the ultimate halal love story of this century.   Another amazing Halal Love Story Ali Masud is a young energetic 18 year old teenager going to University of Delaware for higher education. He was well aware of his Pakistani background. He belongs to a noble and pious middle tier religious family. [...]

3 Most Amazing Convert to Islam Stories Ever Told

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This is a romantic article. It is about and romance. Yes, even Islam has these beautiful words in them. I was recently performing my full star umrah with my family in 2015 and met so many different people from all different sects of life. I was able to look at the people from different ethnic backgrounds [...]