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Why is Muharram Celebrated?

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This is not really a celebration in the terms of celebration. Why is Muharram celebrated in Islam requires an understanding of history and the imminence of this particular event. Muharram is one of the months of the Muslim calendar. The first month of the Islamic calendar.   The Story of Hazrat Hussain Hazrat Hussain is the [...]

White Man Converts to Islam

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One of the most beautiful stories of a white male converting to Islam. Islam is a majestic religion of love, passion and beauty. I have been travelling to Mecca and Medinah as a coordinator for the Umrah Travel Tours. White Men converts to Islam for many reasons. I meet them during the Umrah seasons. This time [...]

19 Must Read Islamic Books in English 

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One of the most significant happiness of life is reading. Reading about religion gives knowledge. For books lovers, this list is the ultimate list to read. Must read for every Muslim. In fact non-Muslims can use this list to better understand Islam. Islamic Books provide a clear perspective of what Islam. Today, different thoughts and processes [...]