Amazing Trip to Head Baloki Park

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Head Baloki also called Balloki headworks is located on Ravi River. It is in Phoolnagar city which is approximately 65 kilometers south west from Lahore. The headworks was constructed by the British Government in 1913 and still stands active till this date.  The main purpose to construct Balloki Headworks was to provide 6900 cusecs water in the [...]

14 Places to visit in Mecca

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When you are performing Umrah there are many exciting, religious and sentimental places to visit for all Muslims. For many these places are called "ziyarat". This is an Arabic as well as Urdu name meaning to visit holy places. Mecca is the central point for all Muslims. This is where Islam began. Hence the entire city [...]

10 Super Useful Tips for Performing Umrah with Kids

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Are you planning Umrah with kids? Umrah is the ultimate goal and recognition for Muslims around the world. One great gift parents give to kids is the love of Islam and the feelings to perform Umrah. Many contemplate over taking their kids to Umrah. Some are reluctant and some make the bold decision. However, here we [...]

Don’t Forget to See these 5 Amazing Places in Islamabad

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Islamabad is the capital city of Pakistan. Though, it cannot boast of the exotic beaches of Karachi or the hustle and bustle of Lahore, it yet has some wonderful activities and sight seeing places for families to visit. Islamabad is a nestled near a mountain range and the northern areas pathway begins from Pakistan. It is [...]

5 reasons to make Mecca your next Holiday Spot

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We have been contemplating to take our kids to a very exotic and spiritual place. My husband is a pilot and I am a dentist. We are living with three beautiful kids and set goals to ensure that they get proper exposure and  experience of life. Travel is a core ingredient to experience. The best way [...]