Islamic dream interpretation death of father

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This is a very sad question to ask. One should abstain from asking ill things about parents. We do accept that live and death is with Allah. And that death is to come. Even to parents. This is reality. Let us begin with dreams. There are two types of dreams. Let us focus on this important [...]

Amazing Trip to Head Baloki Park

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Head Baloki also called Balloki headworks is located on Ravi River. It is in Phoolnagar city which is approximately 65 kilometers south west from Lahore. The headworks was constructed by the British Government in 1913 and still stands active till this date.  The main purpose to construct Balloki Headworks was to provide 6900 cusecs water in the [...]

White Man Converts to Islam

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One of the most beautiful stories of a white male converting to Islam. Islam is a majestic religion of love, passion and beauty. I have been travelling to Mecca and Medinah as a coordinator for the Umrah Travel Tours. White Men converts to Islam for many reasons. I meet them during the Umrah seasons. This time [...]

True Sad Islamic Stories About Mothers

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Mothers have a very prominent role to play in the creation of society. They are the most beloved and critical human being for mankind. All of the greatest writers have written about the importance and value of mothers. Majority of the greatest men on earth have contributed their success to the upbringing and values given by [...]

What do Muslims believe about Marriage

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Marriage in its entire state is a beautiful and commendable relationship that all religions believe in. In fact, all the religions appreciate and value religion. The question arises - What do Muslims believe about Marriage? What is the Islamic philosophy behind marriages in Islam. This is a detailed perspective of how Muslims and Islam view marriage. [...]

Umrah on WheelChair: Best Travel Advise

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Thousands of people across the world tend to perform Umrah on wheelchair or assist people who are on a wheelchair. Umrah wheelchair travel is something is easily manageable. Sharing with you top expert travel advise on performing Umrah on wheelchair. The first thing to note is the beauty of Islam. There is no compulsion for any [...]

10 Super Useful Tips for Performing Umrah with Kids

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Are you planning Umrah with kids? Umrah is the ultimate goal and recognition for Muslims around the world. One great gift parents give to kids is the love of Islam and the feelings to perform Umrah. Many contemplate over taking their kids to Umrah. Some are reluctant and some make the bold decision. However, here we [...]

Life After Umrah

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How much is your life effected after a spiritual journey. Is the life after Umrah really that devastating? What really occurs to people after truly completing the journey to the house of Allah. In order to understand and better comprehend the level of changes, we surveyed a decent number of travelers who arrived back. Below is [...]

3 Amazing Lessons my Dad Taught me that made me Fall in Love with Islam

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We grow up with the love of parents. The beauty is when the parents make you fall in love with religion. This is the most powerful ingredient and gift of fatherhood. This is the greatest gift of any Muslim Father. Lessons my dad taught me about Islam is a story of every son. Here I am going [...]