Why are Black People Turning to Islam?

/Why are Black People Turning to Islam?
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To answer this question correctly you need to understand the history of Islam. During the days of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, there was a black man called Bilal. During pre-Islamic phase, blacks and slaves were a common social and moral fabric. Blacks are never treated fairly. History testifies to this.

Being a darker color always meant a lower-level in society. This is been prevalent since yesterday. You’ll find similar stories all across the world. We as humans do wrong by classifying humanity. No religion needs to be demarcate their people on the basis of the color of skin.  Black people are all equal in Islam. This is a strong motivational factor for such a long scale conversion factor. And the beauty with the converts is that they immediately start believing and performing the rituals. Umrah tour operators are consistently working with mosques and Islamic centers. They communicate the new converts and their passion to perform Umrah. Umrah is a group level activity since they will need the hand holding.


Story of Bilal – Starting the conversion to Islam

The truth of the matter is that it takes years for a revolution to begin. During the period of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) this blacks slave Bilal converts to Islam. He is one of the very few Muslims to convert it during the initial stages. History remembers Bilal as the pioneers of blacks converting to Islam. It is a time of great courage and conviction. Changing religion against all odds takes heart. And that too when Islam was weak and there was a huge issue in terms of being caught as a Muslim.

The owners of Bilal despised him for converting to Islam. During those days the majority of the people were non-Muslims and had of huge agitation towards the new religion. They gave Bial extreme punishment. Irrespective of all the odds this great man never left the fold of Islam.

Even today Islam refers to this man as one of the greatest men and followers of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). He was able to tell the world that Islam defines equality and belonging to a religion that loves equality is the right religion to be in.


Prophet Belief in Bilal

On many occasions the Prophet Muhammad has stressed the fact of equality and religion. In fact Prophet Muhammad graced Bilal by allowing him to say “Azan”. Azan is the saying of the prayers.

Prophet Muhammad never yelled and screamed at his servants. These are just some of the reasons why the black community fell in love with Islam.

Bilal stands for all the black community members that enter the fold of Islam. He resonates peace and love of the Prophet and Islam.

He beautifies Islam. In fact another interesting fact is that he has the most scintillating voice and the Prophet used to request him to say the calling of prayers. His voices resonates in Medinah and the people love hearing his voice.

Here is a black slave telling the world to come to prayers. What a beautiful site.


Top Reasons Why Black People Turn to Islam

The beauty of conversion stems from the fact that you will have to act as a nomenclatures for all segments. You read newspapers about black Americans. They even call them Afro-Americans. But in the realm of Islam everyone is called Muslim. There is no white Muslims are black Muslims. If you are a Muslim you will be only called Muslim. This is only one of the main reason why white males converting to Islam is drastic.

We were able to interview over 100 different black Muslims from all across United States to better understand the reasons behind the convergence. During Umrah this year before Hajj I met them in Mecca and Medinah. Here is what they have to say:


  • Over 35% converted to Islam because of the beautiful message. They simply love the message of Islam. Peace is the message of . They find peace and tranquility in this religion.


  • 25% of people that convert to Islam is because of influence. Their friends and community became Muslims and they influence their social and moral environments. Many of times one particular uncle converts to Islam and inspires his friends, nephews and nieces.


  • Over 15% of Muslims converted from the black community is because of the level of dignity and respect that they immediately get by converting into this beautiful religion. They no longer see prejudice and racism as they go into the mosque.


  • 45% of people convert because of the stories of Prophet Muhammad nd reading the holy Koran. There is a significant impact when you read about religion.


Conversion Reality

The reality of the matter is that Muslims that convert actually find a drastic difference in their lives. People like convert to Islam stopped doing the menaces and the bad practices. Many of the crimes have stopped on the streets where a mosque is created.

Islam teaches commonalities. And that commonality is great asset if you are a minority in any shape and form. It is imperative to know that Islam recognises every single person based upon the piety. Color is of no importance essence. If you are pious you are better Muslim than others. That is the message of Islam.


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