Best Time to Perform Umrah Based Upon Cost, Weather and Rewards

/Best Time to Perform Umrah Based Upon Cost, Weather and Rewards
  • millions of Muslims performing Umrah during best time of the year

There are different times in the year that are the best time to do Umrah. Best time to perform Umrah depends upon the goals you set. Each person has his or her reasons for performing Umrah. The reasons define the best time to do Umrah. Let us evaluate the different reasons first and then we will focus on the best times.


Financial Reasons – Cheapest Time to Perform Umrah

If you want to go for Umrah on the basis of financials then the best time to go for Umrah is right after Hajj. The few weeks after Hajj is when there is least rush and the prices are normal. It is considered as off season and the rates during the first few weeks are reasonable. Lesser people and more rooms available. The prices do drop. Cheapest Umrah packages are available with best planning and off season travel.

You will find this as the cheapest time to perform Umrah for you and family. The streets are less crowded. You will get the cheapest rates during this particular time.


Climate Conditions- Good Weather

Many people that go to perform Umrah also want to go at a time when the climate is suitable. Majority of Muslims performing Umrah come with families. Many also come with elderly. The new converts come with groups. There are different ages and needs. With this, these people like to perform Umrah during good weather conditions.

Saudi Arabia is a hot country. Performing Umrah during summers is really hard. Many of the people coming with families do not come during these hot days irrespective of the cost. These Muslims do not want to perform in extreme hotness. For these people, the best time to go for Umrah are the days before winter season comes.


Rewards – Maximize Your Opportunity

There is a beautiful saying of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) stating that performing Umrah during Ramadan is equal to the value of performing Hajj. This hadith is to magnify the importance of performing Umrah during the month of Ramadan. Due to this importance of this, Muslims want to perform this activity during the holy month of Ramadan. Rewards of Umrah in Ramadan are endless.

The prices become extremely expensive. However, this is again the best time to perform Umrah if you are interested in maximizing rewards.


Best time to go for Umrah depends upon these goals

There are certainly different best times to go for Umrah. Each time has a particular reasoning. So if you are looking for cheap rates go after Hajj. If you want to get good weather then perform it before the winter seasons. And then if you want to maximize rewards, perform the Umrah during Ramadan.


Important Notes regarding Time of Performing Umrah

The following are important notes regarding time of performing Umrah:

  • December – January are peak seasons. These are the months where people take days off and tend to use these days for vacations. For these days, you find much rush in Mecca and Medinah.
  • October- November are good weather seasons. In fact, many Muslims like to visit during these particular months.



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