7 Amazing Tips on Finding the Best Umrah Package Deal for You!

/7 Amazing Tips on Finding the Best Umrah Package Deal for You!
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Finding the Ultimate Umrah deals can be really challenging specially when you are planning your very first Umrah. Thousands of people like you get panicky when it comes to selecting the right package plan. They typically do not realize the importance of research and analysis prior to paying the amount.
Well, we are finally breaking the unknown factors for you and giving you the ultimate 7 amazing tips on finding the best Umrah Deal for you. This is based upon our research, time, focus and commitment to the community of travelers that go online to search for the best Umrah experience of a life time.

Here are some 7 tips that you need to follow to ensure that you are getting the best Umrah Deals for you and your family. These tips will go along way in getting you the best packages.

Always note that the travel agents that have the best Umrah package deals for 2015 and beyond are those specific travel agents.



1. Understand the Laws governing Umrah

You cannot perform what you do not know. This includes the Duas, rituals and the areas to cover. Millions of people are not aware of the true laws that govern the Umrah. And when you go with your spouses or when women accompany men they need to know the rules before going. The first tip is to : Learn what the laws are while performing Umrah. We feel that without the proper knowledge base and foundation, you cannot really enjoy an Umrah experience. We recommend the following pages for understanding the Umrah rituals and duas.

But for the large part, the Umrah service travel agent should always have brochures, articles and documents readily available for you so you can read upon the various aspects of Umrah. This is another important indicator if the travel agent is serious or not. Wealth of travel information is a critical component and indicator of the travel agent business acumen.

The basic rule of thumb is that you cannot get a good package without knowing what you need to get. Let me give you an example. With the package plans, know what you are good at and what you need to achieve. Many of the packages give you the time to be closer to the mosques and some a bit farther. Some actually like the walk so they can enjoy the aroma and essence of the city.


2. Affiliation with Ministry of Hajj

Check to see if the particular agency is affiliated with any of the main partners of the Ministry of Hajj Saudi Arabia or not. This is really critical. Many of the agents have been banned because they have not been able to commit and deliver. It is not easy running the best online travel agency. It takes heart, spirit and mind. Above that, it needs a commitment of integrity and honesty.

Also, a travel agency that has a strong back-ground always have special deals that will not be able to be obtained. We are proud to be one of the leaders of Umrah during Ramadan.


3. Agency Record

Check if the agent or travel agency has no prior record of theft or misconduct. This is important. Remember that the  travel service company is providing a variety of services. And it is critical to provide a variety of services. So, if the agency declares that they are offering certain services, make sure that you check the records. Records track the legitimacy of the travel agents.

Agents with good track records will always have special packages to provide its valued customers.


4. Umrah Agency Expertise

Agency Expertise in terms of the travel industry. There are many names in the market. However, with a recognized and valued Umrah package planner you can be assured that the packages, hotels and flights are all taken care of. With so many package plan in the online market, it is tough to know what you are getting into. hence, the reputation and years does matter. With so many hotels in just one area, you need to know that the travel agent is truly giving you the required and agreed upon deal or not. There is a stark difference between five star Umrah packages and economy packages. and the travel agent needs to know the difference.

Once you bank on the Umrah agent expertise, you will definitely get a great killer deal. This is a guarantee.


5. Need based Solutions

Package plans should revolve around your need. If you are a person that want ts to have a luxurious stay, then opt that particular package. might as well enjoy the deal as you are performing the most important travel of you life. Be sure about the differences in the package plans and then act accordingly.


6. Customer References

Ask for references. It is always a good thing to know the people that have once traveled before. You cannot fake customers. And if there is a claim that they have taken care of a certain amount of customers, then trust the fact and go with them. I always believe that if you have customer to bring about you, you have already won the game.

Break the package down into service offerings. If  you are in the market and looking around, then you need to compare apples to apples. Each customer might have taken a different package. So, ask about the particular customer that took that particular package.


7. Social Media Connectivity

People will always work on the social media platforms to like or dislike the sites that provide travel. Hence, always a great bet to check the social media connectivity. The social media platforms might show you special incentives that were not on the main page. Keep yourself glued to good social media platforms.

Sometimes a particular travel company posted the special offer on the google plus page and not on the facebook. So, you need to know the way it works. Type Umrah with hash tags on twitter and see the special packages.

These tips will get you to a special package plan.

7 Amazing Tips on Finding the Best Umrah Package Deal for You!
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