5 reasons to make Mecca your next Holiday Spot

/5 reasons to make Mecca your next Holiday Spot
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We have been contemplating to take our kids to a very exotic and spiritual place. My husband is a pilot and I am a dentist. We are living with three beautiful kids and set goals to ensure that they get proper exposure and  experience of life. Travel is a core ingredient to experience. The best way to learn Life as one says. We made a commitment each year that we will take the kids to special holiday resorts. Each kid of mine has a different talent and a reason to travel. My eldest one loves to see different new places. My daughter loves to shop and the little in the family loves to take pictures and create a memory of unforgotten digital episodes caught in action. Perform Umrah with kids and see how the world changes.

In our collection of events are activities ranging from climbing the Statue of Liberty to enjoying the water falls of Tanzania. Our kids are now appreciating the value of travel and the blessings that come with that.

This year we turned the tables and said we will be going to Mecca as the Holiday Spot! My husband’s idea. First of all they were baffled. That was not to be a holiday resort where one can shop and act aimlessly. But they were excited. Since we lived  in the UK, understanding Saudi visa laws for Umrah was the most important thing. Once we got over that we booked some amazing hotels and were ready on our way.

Reason behind the selection was to give them the most amazing and spiritual journey of their life. Where else would they ever learn Islam then going to the holiest places. Even for me, I have been praying in the direction of the Kaaba but never went there. This was going to be the turning point for all us.

I wont get into the rituals and the beauty of the most spiritual place on earth. There are many other articles on Umrah Packages that you can refer to. I will tell you what we learnt and the seven most important lessons that came our way as a family:


Reason 1 – Religion is a Bond – Even for Family

Irrespective of our differences, we have a very important bond together and that is our religion. And there is nothing more important than that. We say the same namaz irrespective of the differences we have and that is the most compelling part. Saying namaz in the holiest mosques together was a bond I will never forget. I recommend that all muslim people with families to get this experience as a part of their lives. Saying prayers at a local mosque or home is much different. In the house of god is a different spiritual journey. Love having my son next to me while I say my namaz.

I guess this benefit and reason is for all of us. Also the children realized how important religion is for us. My kids saw my cry and weap. And it was all natural. We need to understand that the bond is amazing. You need to experience it. A moment of a lifetime! Hajj and Umrah Travel is a must for all.


Reason 2 – History

Much history lies between valleys and holy cities of Saudi Arabia. I have to admit that I knew little about the historical places and areas in Medinah and Mecca. Excluding the activities performed at Umrah, you will find a plethora of new concepts and places that were not known during typical knowledge. I later realized that this is the cities where the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him Lived). Like my daughters did not know that Hazrat Umar and Hazrat Abu Bakr are both buried with the Prophet. Unique history all buried into the cities. You need to take extra days out and explore the outskirts.

Additionally, History tells you many things about a particular generation or a group. A great deal about a community is found out through historical facts and figures. You get to learn a lot about the Greek or the Roman Empire simply through history. Similarly enough, the history of Saudi Arabia is unique. And when you enter into the cities of Saudi Arabia you get to witness firsthand the most important artifacts and historical perspectives linked to your particular religion. And to me and for my entire family that was simply phenomenal.

There are so many Islamic religious sites in Medina and Meca. One of my favorites is the cave. This is the cave where Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him Lived) got the first revelation. There is a certain pathway to it. Simply imagine you being inside that cave and saying your prayers. It is an emotional ride indeed. Millions of people enjoy going to Saudi Arabia and also doing sightseeing of these historical places. You can also visit and make sure this is on your list. Find a sound tour guide or ask the hotel staff. You will first of all want to know what you like seeing and then plan accordingly. For my son, visiting the different mosques was exciting.

Many people go to Medina and Mecca to perform Umrah or Hajj and the historical journey to other cities and places is part of the package plan. The magnificent and truthful outcome is the after Umrah feelings that come to the heart and soul.


Reason 3-  Economical

Yes I did say the magical word. Economical. If you plan your particular travel with your family then you can get some exclusive deals. In fact I know of certain organizations and companies that specifically target five-star travel deals. Getting the right travel deals is one of the key components. And when you are actually traveling with family economy matters. We certainly did get a great deal. I’m one of the lucky people who got an exclusive deal on one of the five-star packages. We actually went right after Hajj and we got some phenomenal areas to live in. Also, you are mostly spending your times praying and shopping is just a small portion.


Reason 4 – Understanding of mankind

Do remember that Umrah the is one of the few rituals in the world where a variety of different people from all across the world get together for one common theme and purpose. I don’t believe that there is any other historical moment and any religious festival across the world that brings so many people from all across the world together under one platform. Imagine being a part of a festival or an activity where people from China, Australia, Malaysia, England, America, and South Africa all come together.

Islam is a beautiful religion. Irrespective of your color, creed cult, and dialect, you are more than welcome to enter the fold of Islam. The beauty of Islam is that there’s no prejudices. If you’re white or black, you are all considered equal.  This is one of the most beautiful lessons of Islam. And when you actually go to Saudi Arabia and Medina during Umrah or Hajj, you get to see this firsthand. People who might not even want to talk to each other because of color, creed or race all get together under one roof. And there’s really no prejudice.

In many places like New York or Adelaide, you will see racism at its peak. You will have whites on one side and blacks on the other. However, with Islam, we are all one. And to  see it with such magnitude is powerful. It has a value that cannot be deciphered.

But this is a very common pattern and view when you’re in Saudi Arabia. No one considers the other person better than the other. And this was a remarkable image that is still embedded into my mind. Then very proud that my kids had a chance to look at that too. And now they started appreciating people more so for the right reasons. It’s does not matter if you are rich or not or have been given a lot of health or wealth.


Reason 5 – Volunteer opportunities

Islam is all about giving and be kind to people. And this world you enjoy living out your heart and spiritual. Many of times you will see an elderly person walking and thirty and you can then go forward and give the water. So many little kindness leap to you. I remember helping elder women to sit and stance. I felt elevated.


May Allah grant you the momentum to visit Mecca and Medinah for vacations.

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