3 Most Amazing Convert to Islam Stories Ever Told

/3 Most Amazing Convert to Islam Stories Ever Told
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This is a romantic article. It is about and romance. Yes, even Islam has these beautiful words in them. I was recently performing my full star umrah with my family in 2015 and met so many different people from all different sects of life. I was able to look at the people from different ethnic backgrounds and asked them to tell us more about their relationships. Here are the 3 most amazing convert to Islam stories ever told and written about.

Third party people as well as direct dialect from the couples are sources from these exciting stories.

Amna is an Indian born American who is now married to Eddie Ahmed. Eddie Ahmed is a lawyer and previously an atheist before entering the fold of Islam. Amna and Eddie are now happily married and living in Rolling Meadows, Illinois.


Story 1 – I met her at the park

Story from Eddie directly:

Amna was a student at University of Chicago and there was a park near by where the Muslim females used to meet after Friday prayers and enjoy the summers. They were games and other activities. However, the other students used to pass by. I was another passing by student but often looked at Amna and thought she was really attractive.

“Attraction is imminent and instantaneous. I thought she had the most exotic looks and freshness of life. However, the scarf told me that she is a gone case and that she will never come into my world. I was an atheist and never wanted to know more about god. but I always had a dream to meet her,” recalls Eddie.


Eid Connection

And one fine day there was Eid festival and she was distributing sweets. I said hello to her. She smiled back.

“I knew that smile. It was a welcoming smile. That is what I thought. Later I realized I was a bit correct. She welcomed me to sweets,” he recalls.

“Please have some sweets” she  said.

“Thank you! May I ask your name?” Eddie asked inquisitively.

“Amna and yours?”

“Eddie, that is a beautiful name, what does it mean?” Eddie inquired again.

“Name of my prophet mother, you should read about him and her” she said.

“I am an atheist” and left politely.

Though I had liked her initially but hate religious talks. Amna just had to like me for what I am. I also questioned the role of religion in relationships. She found out I was in the swimming team and she made sure she was there after my swimming sessions. I was walking out one day and bumped into her. Hence, she gave me sweets again and asked me about atheism and I was gladly telling her my views. She listened and continued to learn more about my sentiments.


Life Continuity

We started talking more and getting more data about the existence of any god. She did not talk much to me in response. But once she got the maximum points she told me to meet a friend of hers. And I willingly did. This was at Amna’s house. It was her friend Ali. Ali was a convert from Australia and already had known the questions before I had even met him. At this time, I was now open to dialogue. I was no expert but had a standard approach. Now I was able to listen.

Weeks followed after meeting Ali. Ali was a sound character that gave me logic and reading. And I had many questions which Amna was ready to explain. This is how it began.

The real issue was to convince the parents. Amna belonged to India. And I was a hard core blond haired American raised in Iowa. I did convert because I felt this was the right deen. The marriage segment came after. I had to make a few trips to India. Convincing family is an art. It takes time. Marriage eventually happens when you create that love and understanding. We are happy.


 Story 2 – Alison and Muhammad from San Diego

Both seem like models. Muhammad is a tall handsome Egyptian man and Alison is  Swedish original 26 year old model. Alison and Muhammad lived a few blocks for each other and often went to the beach for activities. Muhammad would go after Fajar and read the Quran. And Alison would go in the mornings for the quick early jog. Interestingly during these events, there were hardly any people at the beach at that particular time. Here how the fell in love and Islam created that bond.

Story from Alison:

There was a unique place where Muhammad would go and recite the Quran. He is a hafiz so he needs no book. He used to sit near the rocks and meditate. And I used to stop near by and work out. That was my last stop prior to walking back to my apartment which was a few blocks off.

I used to wonder at the magical recitals of the words Muhammad used to pronounce. So I asked. What amazed me was that Muhammad reluctantly answered and did not lift his gaze. Verses of one of the surahs was being recited and he was weaping. He tells me that it is not permissible for him to talk much because I would take him away from his religion. Looking at gorgeous women in such a way is not permissible. He clearly stated that if I wanted to know more I needed to be more covered up.


Story Lines

“I was really impressed. I found him extremely attractive. Very broad shoulders and delightful smile. And he wanted me to dress up to talk to him. I thought it was funny. He smelt wonderful” Alison proclaimed.

Next day, I dressed up and met him. He was pleased and spoke about his faith. I was mesmerized how he memorized his book. I asked him about love. He told me love of Muhammad and Khateja. And  that was a love relationship I fell in love with.

“We started going out. Thank god, he agreed. He was a perfect sized athlete and I love athletes. He had a better figure proportion than me,” she reclaimed.

We started jogging together and one day I told him I have found my Muhammad. And he cried.

“I need to find the Khateja in you,” he said meaningfully.

With all the perfections, he was not looking for something that was beyond my comprehension. So, I told him to teach me. He routed me to his mother and she is a lovely soul. After a few months, I converted and here we are today braced in love and harmony in the house of Allah.

Muhammad response:

Love is meaningful. I loved her the moment I saw her. I am so happy that she believed in me and enjoyed the journey to Islam.


Story Number 3 – The vagabond that found Solace

Alex was a mechanic by profession but loved to party and get drunk each weekend. He was often left drunk near his house in downtown Harlem. And across the street was a local mosque run by a local converted black Muslim. He had a daughter who was previously a christian and also converted to Islam. Her name is Ayesha. Ayesha was a nurse and felt sorry for such a sweet man wasting his life away. Here is there beautiful story. 

Ayesha used to see Alex each weekend stumbling on the stairs or tripping and bruising himself. Ayesha was a nurse and often helped him to his room or got some medications for his wounds.

He realized the decency and meaning behind her deeds. One day, he went in the morning and inquired about her. Her dad told her she was a nurse and went to the hospital with flowers. Flowers bring happiness. Her smiles tell the story. Amazing is that she still helps drunks even as a Muslim. Specially being a Muslim.

“I asked her out and she agreed,” Alex smiled and told me.

“I thought he was hot but stupid. Getting drunk is not an option. Sad way of life. I felt sorry for him,” recalls Ayesha.

Ayesha started nurturing him and eventually he fell in love with Islam.

“She made me love religion through her. Having her as a wife is an honor,” Alex states with pride.


Islam is a beautiful religion. And these beautiful convert to Islam stories are simply meaningful and gives us the reality that Islam is beautiful and is a decent way that allows love and understanding.

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