3 Amazing Lessons my Dad Taught me that made me Fall in Love with Islam

/3 Amazing Lessons my Dad Taught me that made me Fall in Love with Islam
  • 3 amazing lessons my dad taught about Islam

We grow up with the love of parents. The beauty is when the parents make you fall in love with religion. This is the most powerful ingredient and gift of fatherhood. This is the greatest gift of any Muslim Father. Lessons my dad taught me about Islam is a story of every son. Here I am going to share with you 3 significantly amazing lessons that my dad taught me. These lessons made me fall in love with Islam.


Earn the blessings of your Mother

Every religion talks about the blessings of a mother. The beauty lies in educating and implementing this very fact. His entire focus was on the benefits of obtaining the blessings of your mother. In fact, he would propagate and instill a value system that evolved around being blessed by the mother. One can never comprehend that your mother can go wrong. This point of view was to create such beauty that mothers smile every single moment because of your existence.  And he was able to do that.

I had seen him delight his parent every single moment. It was simply beautiful. I then made sure that I loved my mother because she was the most powerful entity to allow me happiness in this world and the next. And this was a power that only mothers had. My dad went beyond the paradise beneath the feet of mother. He taught me that love for mother is the real reason we exist. And that we love and cherish parents for what they did for us. He never told us to love him that much at all. Always about motherhood. And blessed are those kids who have the option and the facility to entertain mothers in spiritual journeys.


Importance of family

My father has several brothers while growing up. As a child he made it very clear to us that there were no faults in his brothers. He came to believe that all of the brothers have the same philosophy of justice and kindness for all children.

On the other hand, Islam teaches about respecting fathers. Always think good of fathers. And one day you become a father. Never think bad of them. Never think ill of a father.

There was no disobedience to any brother irrespective of the injustice or wrong doing. He believed that family is a sacred bond and needs to be upheld with utmost reverence and love. There is no other formula that is god given. You need to embrace and love your brothers unconditionally. He used to give them gifts, love and memories. This is how I remember my father and how he taught us to love our brothers. He gave his cars, money and time. And at the end, he always said it was simply worth it. This was the second important lesson.

When I grew older, I kept on hearing the most beautiful Hadith by Prophet Muhammad about brotherhood.

“You cannot become a Muslim till you want for your brother the things you want for yourself”

And my father was a living proof of this hadith. He realized that being a Muslim meant being kind to his family irrespective of the odds. I found that beautiful. When you get love from the family it turns out to be amazing duas that add up for you.


More than Money it was the way that you communicate

The elegance and virtual man is directly proportional to how he communicates. I have seen in my life many men who have a lot of power and position yet do not know how to talk to their kids and their family members. And this is a very sad state of affairs. He was completely the opposite. He was brilliant in communication. His family members love to talk to him. He would make sure that his tone and pitch was delicate and soft.

Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) once said – ” The sum of religion is how you use the tongue” – He pointed to the tongue And this is the hardest point of being a human.

Now growing up as an old man and having children of my own I also realized that the virtues of prayers and other pillars of very important. But even before we go into those ingredients, I believe that the wholeness of a man really matters. A person needs to know and own his own actions. The belief system remains very clear. You need to be true to your own creation and to the creator. And if God has gifted your family then you need to respect and admire it. There’s no time for bad intentions or not wanting the goodness for other of your family members. This is another one of the important lessons my dad taught me about Islam.



Life is too short and one needs to appreciate and admire the love and romance of family and beyond that even yourself.

This article was about my personal lessons my dad taught me about Islam. Please do also share your thoughts and what other lessons you learnt from your parents. Let us share our love and understanding.


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