Umrah Duas Recommendation by Leading Islamic Experts around the World

Finally making it to the Islamic Pilgrimage? MashAllah! Now, the question is what are the best Umrah duas. We researched and evaluated different duas. We researched different corners of the world and then decided to talk to the leading Islamic scholars. This post is simply amazing because this question – “What are the best Duas for Umrah?” is answered by leading Islamic professors and scholars from all around the world. These are answers from leading experts and are public figures who are revered and respected and are also personal favorites of mine

The alignment of the solutions are simply from the last to the first. In no way is this a sequential order meaning that one is better than the second answer. May Allah know my intentions. I was really wanting to find out the best Umrah duas while performing Umrah and to get a magnitude of answers were astonishing and pleasing.

I have asked some of the most remarkable Islamic leaders via twitter and now as per their permission allowing their views to be published. Let me first introduce these scholars and then their answers.

Assim Alhakeemassim-alhakeem

A Muslim from the land of Islam, trying my best to enlighten people about Islam. He has is an Islamic Scholar and is known around the world for his deep Islamic knowlede and his ability to improve society.

Sheikh Assim Alhakeem graduated from the prestigious Umm al-Qura University in Makkah, Saudi Arabia in 1998. Currently, He is an Imam of a masjid in Jeddah, a role which he has held for the past 20 years. He gives weekly Friday sermons. He is considered an International scholar and is often seen on public television and Islamic radio channels. He has studied under the famous teacher scholar Shaikh Salih Ibn Uthaymeen (raheemahullah) and now teaches to a variety of different students across the world. For further information, please do visit his official web site.

Assim Alhakeem response:

“There is nothing prescribed except between the Yemeni corner and the black stone! Other than that, the sky is the limit.”

Amazing. The concept is clear. There are no limitations and boundaries. Ask anything. Alhamdulilah!

Afroz Aliafroz-ali

Mr. Afroz Ali currently lives in Sydney, Australia and also the Founder & President, Al-Ghazzali Centre. Al-Ghazzali Centre for Islamic Sciences and Human Development is a Learning Centre for Sacred Islamic Knowledge. It has been a hallmark of comprehensive Islamic teachers and have devout followers around the world including myself. I enjoy Afroz Ali’s work and am passionate about his dedication and work towards imparting true Islamic knowledge.

Afroz Ali response:

“Ask for Divine & Kindness, Beautiful End, Prophetic Company. Use heartfelt words, not heart’s fleeting emotions”

Benevolent dua to  ask. Love for this dua to come to true.

Dawud Waliddawud-walid

Dawud Walid currently resides in Detroit, USA. He is an imminent Lecturer & writer on Islam, human rights advocate & political blogger. What has made Dawud Walid a known and respected Islamic scholar is his true and ardent love for Islam and how he is openly voicing his dialogue and speech in Michigan area. Many of my friends have directed me to him and I have gone through his works and writings. Islam is proud to have people like Dawud Walid propagating and expanding ISLAM In the USA.

Excellent reference and detailed article MashAllah!

Amina Wadudamina-wadud

Dr. Amina Wadud is a Professor and International Consultant on Islam, Gender and Justice.  She is an American and has three main core values that she propagates – Islam, justice and gender. Her views are dedicated to ensure justice and expansion of Islam. She continuous to be a remarkable light of hope, inspiration and peace for millions of muslims around the world. She is a public figure and can be reached at

“The ones that come from YOUR heart and not from a book. Be still and know.”

Inner salvation shall lead the duas. Love the concept and will practice this Inshallah next time I visit.

Mohamed Ghilanmohamad-ghilan

Mohamed Ghilan currently resides in Canada.He is a PhD in Neuroscience, , Student of Traditional Islam, Lover of Philosophy. He is a sophisticated Islamic teacher and is well reputed among his community. His site focuses on the importance of philosophy and how it inter connects with religion. I personally like him for his writing ability and his arduous mannerism of sincerity and religious color.

“The best dua is the most sincere one made straight from the heart.”

The heart will know the sincerity of the soul. True and most humbled umrah dua.


As you can see there is no one answer. There is a magnitude of solutions. What I learnt is that it depends on your nayat and how you make your heart one with god. This is a solemn dua you will be stating and needs to be done with completeness and meaning..

Like to thank the scholars who have taken the time to respond and educate us.