Life After Umrah

How much is your life effected after a spiritual journey. Is the life after Umrah really that devastating? What really occurs to people after truly completing the journey to the house of Allah. In order to understand and better comprehend the level of changes, we surveyed a decent number of travelers who arrived back. Below is the account of their lives after performing Umrah.


Drastic Changes after going to Umrah

There are millions of people that come back from Saudi Arabia after performing Umrah or the small pilgrimage from around the world. Irrespective of the fact that you go alone or you take your family along, there is a scintillating and sensual change. For majority of the Muslims that participate in the small pilgrimage, this feeling of anxiety and exuberance remains to the end of their years. People classify this as a spiritual change. Some also believe Umrah as a spiritual sensation. Irrespective of what to label it, the people who are given an opportunity to go for the small pilgrimage are blessed indeed. They were able to create that connection with their Almighty Allah and go to the most holiest of all the most new places on earth.

For the people who are reading this article who are not Muslims or who have never performed Umrah need to understand that this is not a very easy ordeal. Many of times, the Umrah will take place in the scorching sun. And then you have millions of people that are actually circulating across the Kaaba along with you. Neck to neck. The magnitude of the experience is certainly there. However you cannot diminish or negate the physical stress and the mental stress that is associated with traveling back and forth with millions of people from all across the world. This has to be considered a very enlightening yet difficult moment. We asked different travelers and here are their drastic changes after performing Umrah.

Ahmed, 35, Banker


Life after death is the first thing that comes into my mind every single day. This reality check was never there before. After performing the Umrah during the holy month of Ramadan I was able to understand the beauty of life and also the importance of that fasting. Though I’m scared of dying, however this experience has given me an opportunity to understand and realize that this life is not permanent and we are only here for a short period of time. We need to love, understand, and appreciate what we have in this world. Increase your blessings and only hope for the best.

Ali, 46, Businessman

How small my life really is. I’ve never been in a crowded room. Let alone a crowded atmosphere of people that are continuously reminding me that I’m just a small spec really scares me. Sometimes I even think that maybe my goodness or my deeds are also very small in the eyes of Almighty Allah. Irrespective of whether they are big or small, I’ve realized that I cannot bask in glory. I cannot be honored by luck, fate, success, or wealth. All of these are just small little tokens. The real existence is that you always remain a small little speck in an ocean of people.

Ameen,27, Engineer

The importance of prayer. I never was a person who used to pray a lot. However praying is a spiritual and personal thing. When I actually performed to Umrah; I realized that this is not a personal experience. Allah commanded every single Muslim to actually say the prayers in a mosque. Congregational prayers have more significance than a personal prayer. And so I now make it mandatory for myself to actually go to a mosque nearby. I realized that there is a certain magnitude of importance that I need to give to namaz. I cannot leave my prayers without fulfilling the basic requirements of ensuring that I do it with others. Also gives me strength that I’m not alone in my prayers. There are other people irrespective of the color and creed that also fault-tolerant and prostrate in front of Allah. Never forget your prayers.

Alishba,21, Student

The connection with the Almighty Creator is permanent or temporary? I’ve been very blessed to go with my family Umrah and experience an amazing quality experience a couple months ago. It was an exquisite five-star experience. But I still am confused in terms of what to expect out of it. Is that a first-time connectivity with the creator or is it going to remain throughout my life? I do realize that there are certain elements and prerequisites that I need to meet. They are duties that I need to fulfill. I still need to know if my sincerity will last longer or not. I am a bit ashamed and depressed. Depression after Umrah is a common side effect. It is a feeling of sadness. Feeling sad after Umrah is natural. You do not know what really transpired.

Hania, 87, Grandparent

I dreamed of Umrah and that dream needed to turn into reality. I’ve always dreamt of going to Saudi Arabia. I’ve always dreamt of actually going to the holy city and going to the prophet’s mosque. In fact I used to cry about it. Now when the dream has come true the question that I actually ask myself is is this going to be a dream for me or will it interchange to reality. And this is a very significant question I ask myself every single day. Though I’m miles away from the holiest place on earth now, I still feel connected. I still believe and perform rituals and magnitude of thankfulness that I gave when I was actually in Saudi Arabia. Sometimes the experience is just to give you a balancing of equation. I would state that my performing Umrah was actually the balancing point of my life. It balances your life accordingly and you are able to prioritize your work and your personal. And there is no substitute to it.

Sana, 43, American born Muslim, Teacher

Sharing is caring. It was very hot and actually perform the Umrah was tedious. So I was always asking for water. And there were millions of people who were able to get the water. Many of times people just gave me water without even me asking them. It was just an inner request that I was asking God to fulfill. And I’ve taken that experience on the way back. I’m more giving than I’ve ever been before. And I think that is the most beautiful lesson I’ve learned. That life is all about giving. Irrespective of what you have, you need to always be giving. In giving does not mean only to humans. This could be given to humanity, animals, and even to mother Earth. Give your time, heart, soul and even your wealth. You never here to collect anything. We were just distributors.

These are just some amazing stories that people have shared. Would love if you could also share your experiences with us. Love to hear from you.