Dont Forget to See these 5 Spectacular Places in Islamabad

Islamabad is the capital city of Pakistan. Though, it cannot boast of the exotic beaches of Karachi or the hustle and bustle of Lahore, it yet has some wonderful activities and sight seeing places for families to visit. Islamabad is a nestled near a mountain range and the northern areas pathway begins from Pakistan. It is also home to the most rich and famous of Pakistan. You can also enjoy the natural landscape and the natural habitat. You can also see hogs and other jungle animals crossing the roads at night.


Shah Faisal Mosque

The most gorgeous architecture that Islamabad is known for is the exuberant view of the famous Shah Faisal Mosque. Tourists enjoy visiting the place and also performing prayers. It has four amazing minarets that are perfectly balanced between a spectacular dome. It is placed near the grass roots of the Margalla hills and you can see it from a distance. This mosque was a gift from the government of Saudi Arabia.



If you enjoy the natural habitat and a drive to the top of hill tops, then Daman-e-Koh is another beautiful place to see and visit in Islamabad. This nice picnic spot is located on the Margalla hills. Another tourist delight. The beauty of this picnic area is that you can see the entire Islamabad city from this magnificant view. You can enjoy a decent meal and the sight of the entire city.


Margalla Hills

Margalla hills boasts of 5 tourist tracks. And if you are wild and adventurous enough, you can take your own avenue and hike up the hills. This is what Islamabad is known for and it is the only place where you can track and mountain bike. During the hikes, you will see many people camping out and enjoying a great time in the hills.


Shakarparian Hills

Shakarparian Hills is another natural delight. From here you can see Isalmabad and also Rawalpindi. Tourists enjoy the area and it has become a picnic spot. Different types of trees have been planted giving this picnic spot a beautiful natural look.


Rawal Lake

Islamabad is also known for its hills as well as the man make lake. Rawal lake is sublime and enjoyed by people and its local citizens. People come here to track and enjoy the serenity of the lake.