19 Must Read Islamic Books in English 

One of the most significant parts of life is to read. And what more beautiful if you have time to read about religion. We highly recommend the following books every Muslim should read. In fact this list can also be used by non-Muslims to better understand Islam. Islamic Books provide a clear and neat perspective of what Islam is and how people and even Muslims should understand and interpret this religion.

Today, Islam has been hijacked by many thoughts and processes. The media has certainly circulated a very negative impact about Islam. Hence it is very important that Muslims from all cross the world read books that are legitimate and provide a very solemn and warmhearted perspective about the true Islam. Hence, this powerful list of Islamic Books will provide the readers with a unique perspective and a detailed analysis of many sides of religion. The list has different authors stemming from different thoughts and minds. These books will become a source of inspiration and a source of quality mindset and life.

The Declaration of Faith” by Shaykh Saalih ibn Fawzaan al-Fawzaan. This book specifically talks about declaration. As a Muslim, declaration means two things. The first and foremost is the oneness of God. In the second part of the declaration is that Prophet Mohamed (peace be upon him) is the Prophet of God. This book talks about how important it is to wash away any sins and truly declare and believe in the kalimah.

Muhammad: His life based on the earliest sources by Martin Lings. This is a must-read for all Muslims. It gives you a very simple and logical structure to the life of the greatest man that ever lived Prophet Mohamed (peace be upon him). It uses Arabic sources and other Islamic references to give you a better picture of the Prophet. We recommend this book to even non-Muslims because of its simple language and its ability to create a clear picture of the Prophet of Islam.

Dua: The Weapon of the Believer by Yasir Qadhi. In Islam there is significant importance and weightage given for prayer. This is an amazing book for Muslims who want to learn more about supplication and prayers. This book is really an enabler. The book can be referred as a tool for success in this world and in the hereafter. It uses different supplications to enlighten the reader.

Reclaim your Heart by Yasmin Mogahed. A very beautifully written masterpiece. As the title entails, it refers to the heart. It is all about providing goodness to the heart. Irrespective of the outcomes of life, the heart still can be a superior being. This book is a manual for people who want to improve life through their heart. Being satisfied with all the ups and downs in life. There is no need for depression in life. Depression is not a solution. There has to be a way to move forward. And that is what the book talks about.

Youth’s problems by Sheikh Muhammad Saalih Al-Uthaymeen. This is an amazing book for young readers. In fact we recommend this book for non-Muslims as well. This book talks about the different problems that are faced by youth. And it also elaborates on solutions in the light of the Koran and the sunnah of Prophet Mohamed (peace be upon him). It is really a guidance for the youth.

15 Ways to increase your earnings by Yasir Qadhi. Another dimension from an American author in terms of financial gains through Islamic means. This book revolves around Islamic principles of economics. A good read for people who want to pursue financial gains through Islamic ways only. Good and Islamic earnings is definitely a source of rewards in this life and also in the hereafter.

Peace and conflict resolution in Islam by Abdul Fatah Bello. The author has significantly painted a very realistic and powerful method to control conflict and create peace. The beauty about this book is that its methodology is not limited to a certain group or a community. This book can be read and used by individuals as well as families. We recommend this book if you are interested in self awareness.

The Music Made Me Do It: An In-Depth study of Music through Islam and Science by Dr. Gohar Mushtaq. A very intriguing book. The book talks about music and its journey through Islam and other religions. It is a very bizarre read since it specializes in a form that is hardly written about specifically through the lens of religion.

Brief illustrated guide to understanding Islam by I.A Ibrahim. This book is regarding the basic tenants of Islam. A very good sound read for individuals who have recently accepted Islam or want to learn more about this religion. The book is a guidance and a short book regarding various signs of the Koran and details of Prophet Mohamed (peace be upon him). We recommend that you use this book as a gift for donating and giving to non-Muslims who are interested about learning about Islam.

We also recommending reading the step by step guide to umrah for Muslims.

Enjoy your life by Dr. Muhammad ‘Abd Rahman Al -‘Arifi. The title is very interesting indeed. It refers to the entire life of Prophet Mohamed (peace be upon him). It takes Prophet Mohamed (peace be upon him) as the main character of the story. He uses the different stories and perspectives of Prophet Mohamed (peace be upon him) to create a very logical structure. Structure that can be used to enjoy life. It provides a balancing act between desires and the life hereafter.

Don’t be Sad by Dr. Aid Al Qarni. This is an inspirational book and uses Islamic methodology and perspectives to chear up the people. A very humble book that talks to you as a sincere friend. I highly recommend reading this book to feel good about yourself and to see how beautiful the world is around you.

Psychology from The Islamic Perspective by Dr. Aisha Utz. This is a must-read. This is a very cool and rare book. Psychology is being defined through the common Islamic lens. You get to read about the emotional and behavior patterns of man through Islam. The purpose of life, happiness and success is clearly communicated and understood with a very elegant style of writing.

Nurturing Eeman in Children’ by Dr Aisha Hamdan. The book is written by a very recognized and respected author. This book is a must-read for all parents and young Muslim adults. This book gives a very practical perspective on developing children from an Islamic point of view. If you are interested in nurturing your children and to make them into good Islamic human beings than we highly recommend that you read this book. This is a true gift that you can give to your children by learning how to become a better Islamic parent.

Loving our Parents: Stories of duties and obligations by Abdul Malik Mujahid. One of the most important elements of Islam is being a good son or daughter towards parents. The Prophet Mohamed (peace be upon him) has repeatedly told us about the importance of parents. This is a very good book and a must-read for all Muslims. This book gives you a very clear understanding of the importance of parent and how to further improve your actions and duties towards them.

Blissful Marriage: A Practical Islamic Guide By Drs. Ekram and M. Rida Beshir. This book was gifted to me on my marriage. And I’ve become a fan ever since. The book is filled with practical tips and case studies regarding marriages and how to further improve the Islamic marriage specifically living in non-Islamic countries. If you are a young Islamic couple living in the United States of America or England and this book is certainly for you. It tells you about the best practices and theories that you need to put into place to actually have a blissful marriage.

The Sealed Nectar: Ar-Raheeq- ul-Makhtum by Safiur Rahman Mubarakpuri. This book has been translated in different languages and read by thousands of people across the world. It is a very intriguing and different perspective on the life of Prophet Mohamed (peace be upon him). If you would like to get in to deeper depth of the living and life of Prophet Mohamed (peace be upon him) then this book is highly recommended.

Men & Women around the Messenger (saw) by Khaalid Muhammad Khalid and Dr. Abdel-Hamid Eliwa. This book is all about the companions of the Prophet Mohamed (peace be upon him). Among the companions it talks about the men and women who love and cherish Prophet Mohamed (peace be upon him). This book is all about ideal role models and how the characters grew into magnanimous characters of Islam. If you are interested in learning about history and facts and how people became great in the eyes of Islam than this book is for you. We highly recommend this book since is also talks about men as well as women companions and role models,

From my Sister’s Lips by Naima. B. Roberts. This book is a spiritual journey. It talks about a personal perspective of how a new convert go through life as a Muslim.

If you have any other Islamic Books that you recommend, please do share with the community. Love to hear from other readers and writers. We would like to build on a larger list and keep on adding. Each year, many great scholars and writers write about Islamic principles and perspectives.