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What a beautiful journey you are going to be on. Visiting the house of Allah and the Holy City of Medinah is the dream and ambition of every Muslim. We are here to assist you on your journey and provide you with the best Hajj and Umrah travel packages and services including airfare, accommodation, stay and guides. We are a one stop shop. Plan and Purchase your trip with us.

Hajj and Umrah Packages Pakistan

We are the only online travel site specializing in Hajj and Umrah Services from Pakistan. In 2015, we have special packages for individuals, groups, and families. We have 5 Star, 4 Star, Economy Plus, Economy packages and customized package plans to meet your requirements and needs.

Each year where people who have not witnessed the miracles of the house of Allah need to go and enjoy the most spiritual journey of their lives. In 2015, our team of experts have expanded the total number of packages and services for both Hajj and Umrah.

group hajj and umrah travel packages

Group Packages

Enjoy and perform Hajj or Umrah by being a part of a group. We offer different group level packages packages through out the year.

5 star hajj and umrah travel packages

Family Packages

Majority of our customers enjoy our Family Packages. They have kids or parents that are accompanying them on the travel and need special care. Our Family Packages provide all the services to ensure a quality stay and travel for your family.

Single Umrah Travel Details

Individual Packages

Decent number of people take up our Individual Packages. Thes are people on the run and short of time or have the time but are going alone.


Economy Packages

Hajj and Umrah both do not need to be expensive. Enjoy performing Hajj or Umrah economically.Our Economy Packages are tailored to meet your budget plans.

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5 Star Packages

5 Star Packages provide the elegance, comfort and style associated with first class travel and stay. Stay in 5 Star hotels of your choice and enjoy a unique 5 star experience.

4 star umrah packages

4 Star Packages

4 Star Packages are for the individuals and groups who want to perform Hajj and Umrah in quality and ease. You have the ease of selecting different packages.

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Hajj Umrah Tours

We also provide Hajj Umrah tours. Tours are typically different than simply booking a hotel and flight. With the Hajj or Umrah Tours you get to enjoy a complete tour experience. You will either be given a dedicated tour guide or be allocated a group tour. In both cases, you will enjoy the educational advantages of the tour. When you are in the holiest cities, you will get to know history first hand. For many, history and having a clear understanding of the items, activities and symbolic icons. People get to know so much.

hajj Umrah Tours

Let’s give an example. With a tour, you get to see the areas where the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) lived and the areas associated with his life. You can see his areas of residence, gardens he visited and places where people began the transformation into Islam. Tours are a great learning experience for everyone.

Hajj and Umrah Service

Hajj and Umrah Service caters to your unique requirements. This is in terms of any special help required. Many of our valued customers take this offer when an elderly  travels. You will need extra transportation like a wheel chair or at least get connected with a medical team of experts when you travel. Hajj and Umrah Service is our value add to the community. You can also obtain special car requirements, any particular hotel selection or food requirements. Our team of experts will ensure that your Hajj Umrah service requirement is met.


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Q. Are there special Umrah Hajj 2015 packages?

2015 should be another wonderful year for us in terms of enabling thousands of Pakistani community to perform Umrah or Hajj in 2015. We do have special Umrah Hajj 2015 packages. Recommend that you email us our requirements and a travel specialist will respond back to you.


Q. Hajj Umrah UK applicable from Pakistan?

Yes, Hajj Umrah UK is applicable even from Pakistan.


Q. Tell Us more about your Story?

And we have a story to tell. A story that is based upon spiritual love, understanding and customer excellence. A story that has changed the lives of thousands of people. We are a team of experts that began our journey as travelers and realized so many difficulties in terms of the limited packages available, quality of the rooms and the overall experience of the trip. We decided to change that for the millions that will be visiting the most sacred cities in the world after us. We started working on developing new channels, new markets, and creating value. Value that is recognized in terms of the experience you feel. We are here to make a difference in terms of our service offering. We care since we too are travelers. We want you to remember the Hajj and Umrah experience as the best experience of our life. And join thousands who have enjoyed their unique travel experience.


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